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Melissa Myers

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Told on.a life log friend so she.didnt have to pay for her crime. But still goes around to dope house to dope house sucking sick for a quarter gram.
Category: Other Added: 2017-03-03 15:32:48 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: IA City: Des Moines South Side ZIP: 50320

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That's old news
posted on Mar 03 2017 03:35:01 PM

Yeah thought you knew about this nasty bit** well if u didn't now u do
posted on Apr 23 2017 11:56:04 AM

Y’all tweakers are hit as fu** Melissa been clean since she had a baby and y’all some haters mad she didn’t suck your di** or what?
posted on Mar 20 2018 10:04:38 AM

Lmao she sucked mine
posted on Mar 14 2019 09:53:28 AM

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