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Megan Runde

Snitch Subject: Drug Snitch

Stay away, she will have sex with any drug dealer and then move after she done,than he goes to prison.
Category: Problem Added: 2018-05-22 01:06:13 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: IA City: Des Moines & surrounding areas ZIP: 50322

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Drug Snitch


She was also a bonafide hooker.when asked why she did it and was it for drug money to feed her addiction. Her reply was."NO, I SELL DRUGS TO PAY FOR MY DRUGS I NEED DAILY, I WAS SUCK8NG OLD GUYS COC** JUST TO SEE IF I LIKED IT OR NOT? " AND THEN MY EX HUSBAND CAME ALONG AND TRIED TO SAVE ME.BUT ONCE A RUMDE ALWAYS A RUMDE
posted on Jun 02 2019 11:33:13 AM

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