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Maurice Beasly

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Real name is Mike Beasly. He is in Tulsa area. Con-man and Bullshitter... He also informs for money on people he sets-up...
Category: Crime Added: 2019-10-16 08:35:39 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: OK City: Tulsa ZIP: 74127

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He is a Thief and is HIV Positive. He also has been caught by former wife, having sex with his step-daughter. Avoid getting involved with this guy. His real name is Mike and he is behind in child support.
posted on Oct 16 2019 08:45:28 AM

His cell # is (539)424-9334, so he can be easily tracked... He lives near Peoria and 61st in Tulsa Oklahoma in some apt complex. He drives a black SUV type vehicle and goes to the Thrift stores near by. He taunts the police and is a, "Hell of a Con-man." He once paid $500 to a woman to be a witness to a crime he did not commit to rob his house, which he did and used his marks trailer to do so and to move out with...He had an affair with the woman that he used to put this innocent man behind bars. The woman and husband are now dead, burned alive in a mysterious house fire after the innocent man was released from prison. I know he committed adultery while he was married. He was also involved with a murder at which the body of a woman was buried in a sand bank near 33rd west and the Arkansas river on the north side of the river before the last flood. He also has resided in Little Rock Arkansas a few years back and has a lot of connections there too...This guy used to have his wife get pain killer meds from St. John's hospital. He got her to bring home vials of injectables that were not emptied and had his wife not give enough to patients as to add to his drugs he then sold. He does not use the drugs himself or drink that I know of. This guy should be put away somehow but I have seen him BS the cop before and may require someone more competent than the cops to apprehend this guy as he has them chasing their tails...
posted on Oct 19 2019 06:41:49 AM

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