Matt Willis and Catherine Willis ripped us off. They represent Mor Vacations, Coastal Vacations, Dreamstyle Vacations, Leading Enterprises, and the recruiting formula. These people lied, and stole $2098 from us. They told us that we could pay by mail but needed a credit card to verify something. then I faxed my paperwork and selected pay by mail and they charged my card anyway. I called for a refund and they said they wont refund under any circumstances. I called up Mor Vacations and they said they never processed a membership for me. So they just stole my money, but they said they will help me grow my business and that they will send me their recruiting formula dvds. It is unbelievable what Matt and Catherine Willis from Lawrenceville, GA have done to us. In addition, when we called to discuss this with them and asked if we could meet with his Pastor to discuss this matter (because he claimed to be a Christian) he refused and made all kinds of threats and insults at my wife and I because we wanted to handle the manner biblically. He said we are just scared and in fear that Satan is trying to rob us of this business and that we just need to ignore our debts and our IRS tax bill and the Lord will bless us. This man is a fraud, a LIAR and a cheat. If you are looking into working with Matt or Catherine Willis RUN! Beware of Matt and Catherine Willis, Team Cutting Edge and working with them under Mor Vacations. Matt Willis will cheat you and steal from you. Then threaten to charge you an office fee of $997 if you try and get the refund he says you will have no problem getting when you talk to him about signing up. Beware of Fraud Matt Willis no matter what business he is recruiting for! All of his high pressure sales techniques, and special bonuses and worthless and they are available to anyone anyday of the week you signup. Matt Willis and Catherine willis whole technique is to pressure you into making a decision before you are ready with the bonuses and taking them away from you. Do not fall victim to their schemes!

Watch out for Matt Willis, he is a shrewd and nasty man, He ripped us off too! His company leading enterprises is a scam also, do not join any opportunity or buy any products from Matt Willis or Catherine Willis, Leading Enterprises, The Recruiting Formula, or Team Cutting Edge. They are all scams and you will never see your money again!
2010-09-02 13:18:02
First and foremost I need to apologize to Matt & Catherine Willis; not only for the misunderstandings and lies that I told, but for the slander and manner of treatment because I disagreed with one thing. I ordered a vacation package. I was informed of the policy. 1 day after the 3 days pass, my wife and I got a tax bill and freaked out. We needed the money back. I agreed to a policy and needed it to change, but it didnt. So I tried to make things move the way I wanted them to by lashing out. Not many businesses change or bend policy to individuals. So I was wrong, I should not have posted what I did and I should have posted this long ago. Knowing what has gone on and how harshly I treated them, they still have continued to reach out to me. We have buried the proverbial hatchet and forgiven each other. It is unfortunate that one silly person (like myself) can get upset and make war with a keyboard and a mouse on the internet and in the case of these report sites, nothing will be removed. Please do not judge someone by one mistake or one opinion. Let me tell you the real culprit LIFE. We as well as others made a decision and change our minds so we are hurtful to those we did business with to try and get our way. That does not mean that everything you read is truth. Here is one case where I have not been bought off to be silenced or hushed, but have owned up to my own lies to try and get my way. Well sometimes you have to live with your decisions. I know that I was wrong and it is very humbling to admit that.
2011-09-28 07:56:09
You know it happened to me and they demand that I post lies saying I made a mistake and I take back what I said in order to get my money back. That is extortion! Sorry I would not trust these people and I will be an advocate of truth to make sure others do not have the same issue. I will however post if they ever do refund my money however likely that seems, they robbed me and scammed me out of $2048!
2010-10-25 13:55:41
I never received a refund - but after 5 months of fighting I did receive satisfaction and Matt & Catherine Willis made it right somewhat. I will tell you to be careful of anything online and be sure you understand fully what you are getting into and do not succumb to pressure sales tactics. I was told I had a refund opportunity and even told a story to support it, however they have a no refund policy. KNOW THIS UP FRONT! Apparently there were some misleading or misunderstandings and while I do not agree with the business practices and treatment I received from Mr. Willis, There was no scam or fraudulent charges per sea. They charged me for the membership I was looking into and the reason why I said scam and fraud was because I never received it and I never got a refund that I was told I could get. This, as I said above, was resolved. Not in the manner I had desired, but resolved. Mor Vacations was extremely supportive and cooperative and I would highly recommend working with them and their staff. They stayed in contact with me and told me everything that was going on. This was the last communication from the Willis' and While not happy about the lack of a refund even though no membership was ever issued to us prior to November 2010 they did resolve the issue: I think you know our heart, if not, here it is. We never had any intentions to harm you guys in any way. My intentions from the very beginning was to help you develop a great business and travel more. You guys asked for a refund after the 3-day right of recision and we said no, based upon the refund policy that you agreed to. We were not in the wrong for doing that, because that was our written agreement. I think you guys understand that. However, our only concern was that you posted information on the internet that was not accurate about us or the situation. I understand everybody has their own point of view and you wanted something from us and we didn't give it to you and that's what it boils down to. You are 100% right. You guys paid for your membership and you're entitled to it. So based upon that, we're reactivating your membership with MOR Vacations. Of course, we wanted you guys to take off the posts or write ammended comments to the posts before we did this. You guys have persistently decided not to do that, so we're going to ask you to keep your word and take off all negative comments and ammend the ones that are not removable, and please don't post any further negative comments about us. Your membership is in the process of being activated as of today. You can contact Stephanie or Jon to finalize the details. Wish the best to you and your family and I hope and pray that you can truly see our heart on the matter, we never had any intentions to hurt you whatsoever. If you need any help with building this business, you can have access to our marketing system free for life, with all the training, websites, autoresponder, everything you need to build this business. Feel free to call us if you need any help. We'll be happy to help you, no hard feelings whatsoever. All is forgiven hopefully on both sides. Sincerely, Matt & Catherine Willis
2010-11-04 05:02:50
I am considering buying a membership in World Discovery Travel Club. Matt and Catherine Willis are some of the co-founders. Does anyone have knowledge of mistreatment by the Willises and their involvement in WDT or by WDT itself? I need to hear if you do, because it all seems very legit and upfront. Thanks for responding. Linda
2013-08-26 07:00:20
I lost around 6000 dollars to Matt and Catherine in a Coastal Vacations scam in 2006. I tried everything, including contacting the Attorney General in three states. There scam is well thought out, and I did not get anywhere with the legal system. It is very distressing to know they are still stealing form people. Steer clear of them, you will regret any dealings with those two thieves.
2011-07-27 21:59:20
I talked to Rogers Sergeant detective Helmis today and Justin has been put on a nationwide wanted list as a fugitive. Since, as it turns out, he was in violation of his parole for this same type of thing, he will most likely be facing a very long sentence. I am not a vindictive person (sometimes my bark is louder than my bite) so I would be extremely happy if the D.A. of Benton county is as tough as they say and as effective at getting felons to come up with large sums of money to avoid long sentences. I hope to be able to simply give back whatever he took and move on with a bright future and a clear conscience knowing I have always kept my word. Everyone will be paid back every dime one way or another - nothing is worth my name. Scott Shaver Recruiting Edge Solutions that work! 720-218-1165 Direct 1-888-851-6643 Fax
2013-05-01 17:25:03
Thank you DeeAngela. I know you have been upset and I did not mean to be insensitive. Sometimes I am a big kid and when I saw the bike I just thought what a fun pic and not much more. I should have told people I was just having fun and wishing some day I might have one. Take care and when I have it I will pay it to you. Whether he took it or not I still want to make sure everyone is paid as it is my company - really our company. Best wishes to you as well!!! And thank you for this letter. I wish you peace and that you prosper in all you do. Sent from my iPhone Scott Shaver, Recruiting EDGE USA
2013-05-01 17:24:41
Wow sounds like the Recruiting Edge people. I was cheated $2000.00 and Scott Shaver never paid. Steer far away from the Recruiting Edge. Scott is all in to himself. When he gets you to do all his dirty work, he will drop you like a hot cake.
2012-05-05 08:34:15
Scott Shaver at Recruiting EDGE USA, Not sure what this forwarded email has to do with paying people back. What is the status of the repayment plan? As long as Recruiting Edge is a solvent company, Recruiting Edge is contracted to pay recruiters for services rendered. Recruiting Edge has money coming in, portions of this money should be used to pay people back. I don't care about your personal situation or how much more you owe other people, or Justin's legal issues... he doesn't have the money to give you regardless of what happens to him legally. Why do you keep bringing this up? He scammed you, some how took out a fraudulent loan in your name (not sure how this could happen.... did he have a power of attorney for you?), and broke the law. Ok. Got it. And knowing that this is not the first time this has happened to you makes it even worse, one has to wonder why a business owner allowed this to happen for a second time. Jeez! Honestly, when I first signed on with Recruiting Edge I googled the company's name and found several negative reviews focused on the very fact that RE did not pay them the money that was owed to the recruiters (who wrote the reviews). I brought these reviews to your attention and you were so upset by them. Hilarious.... Now here I am in the same boat. Consistent monthly payments need to be made starting May 1st, 2013 or I will seek legal counsel. We have a contract, I provided a service, I have not been paid for the services I provided. Services from November, 2012. Also, if you guys REALLY want to be a transparent, truthful company, scanned copies of the checks you are receiving should be emailed out to the recruiters so they can see when the checks were issued and for how much. Seems shady, again, that the amount and date that the checks that are received are written in an email. Pretty much Tammy or yourself can make up whatever you want regarding what and when the checks are received.
2013-05-01 17:24:04
Who is that bashing the Recruiting Edge? You know that's BS, plus this post isn't about The Recruiting Edge. If it is David or Doug, shame on you guys. Just because things did not work out you should not forget the opportunity he provided you, obviously he did, you were with him a long time. It's tacky, not to mention downright childish. If it's not, then who is it? If you werent paid, on what account? It's a blatant lie. I have no dog in this fight really, but I have the utmost respect for the bunch at The Recruiting Edge. If it is David or Doug, i did for you at one time too. If it is, move on, this behavior is not a way to be successful, integrity and honor are.
2012-07-23 06:49:34
Great job Scott Shaver from Recruiting Edge USA, but it only works if you PAY US! Still no payment since Nov 2012. Your time is running out to fix this problem and no I'm not going to work for you at a higher percentage!
2013-05-01 17:23:01
He is blaming his ex VP Justin for the financial problems. Says he stole 40K through a credit card(?) which I dont buy, but from the word on the street, it was more of both of them visiting strip clubs and boozing, not to mention the (alleged) drugs.
2013-05-01 17:23:31
Sounds exactly like The Recruiting Edge. I did all their dirty work for them, I was their head hunter for truck drivers, when it came time to PAY OUT. Scott Shaver DID NOT. I would watch The Recruiting Edge and NOT do any business with them. Also all you trucking companies out there beware of The Recruiting Edge and Scott Shaver. He does not pay out his people after they do all the work, he keeps their money. If I were you as a company, I would DROP him and his company. Scott Shaver and The Recruiting Edge is a scam in my opinion and to others. I am sure it will only take time to drop this company.
2012-11-10 09:33:36

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