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Is she a snitch? I need to know for ny own safety.
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Is she a snitvh


If you have to question it that means you dont trust her and in that case you probably shouldn't be doing sensitive things in her presence. That goes for anyone you can't trust. Its just common sense.
posted on Jun 16 2019 01:29:46 AM

The problem is that ANYONE has the potential to become a snitch if two things happen.... 1. They get charged with something they dont want to do the time for. And 2. YOU'VE already given them enough info about you're business that your name is the one they think of as being their best shot at throwing someone under the bus in their place. Dont give anyone number 2 and you shouldn't have an issue even if they are a snitch.
posted on Jun 16 2019 01:37:22 AM

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