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Maria Nolberta Flores

Snitch Subject: Cheater

She is cheating with a married man at her job PFI. She had sex in his car last month June 2019.
Category: Secret Added: 2019-07-26 12:10:26 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NY City: Queens

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Nasty and sick
posted on Jul 26 2019 12:11:17 PM

This girl is a Who** and is on Facebook under the name *****. She is a Scank crazy smelly poor hygiene Bit**. She is a complete looser. And thinks she is married to some else that does not want her either. She is a liar and mentally retarded. Stay away fr
posted on Jul 28 2019 05:33:58 PM

posted on Jul 28 2019 05:49:22 PM

What a dumbass THOT
posted on Jul 30 2019 08:50:35 AM

Typical... No mention of the mans name. Way to perpetuate calling the woman a who** but the man a stud for the exact same sh**. You're an idiot. Please to all the women on earth a favor and shut your mouth unless you're going to place equal blame. After all HES married correct? Which means HE has a commitment to another person as well. Stupid.
posted on Aug 06 2019 06:21:17 PM

Oh wait! He must be another poor male victim of some ruthless, scandalous, temptress right? He couldn't control himself so lets publicly call her out but not him. The poor little guy. He must have been so scared. I cant imagine having no control over your own pants coming off and being totally at the mercy of some woman cheater thing. Poor baby. Yes, lets treat him with kid gloves afterall he is a victim in the whole thing huh? Poor helpless dude. Yes thats fu***** sarcasm. Wheres his name and his public shaming?!
posted on Aug 06 2019 06:27:56 PM

Oh, this must be a ThOT also. If the man is married..., maybe he has children. STUPID. Why subject children to idiot adults wrongful actions. This b... Is LESS THAN A WHO**. And you are probably too with no sense of family or protection. I HOPE THE BIT** FUC** YOUR MAN...(OR WOMAN) TOO.
posted on Aug 17 2019 05:57:59 PM

Why would someone want to know who the man is....are you Desperate too???Humm ...If you want to know so bad, call Maria the THOT.... DUMBASS
posted on Aug 17 2019 11:10:09 PM

Good luck with the Slu** memory!!
posted on Aug 17 2019 11:14:55 PM

Well if we want to know who the cheaters are wouldn't he be one too. Duh. You're the one posting about cheaters dumbass why wouldn't you include both the cheaters' names, not just hers? Its YOUR own logic fool. Lol YOU'RE the one who wants everyone to know the names of cheaters. Haha Unless it was your own man. Lol And I call bullshit on your concern for kids and family, you don't care about hers so why his? Dumbass. YOU contradict yourself all over the place. Lol
posted on Sep 05 2019 06:02:38 PM

Everyone can write how they want when they want and what they want. No one needs your permission or critique. So if you don't like it move on. This is simple for simple minded idiots like you. The End
posted on Sep 08 2019 09:09:11 AM

posted on Sep 18 2019 04:35:27 AM

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