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Bunch of thugs. Someone should investigate them for internet fraud, embezzlement, breaking & entering. Organized crime. The “family” can enter homes without keys. Don’t trust them in your home they will come back when you are not there. Hate Italian Americans. Thugs. Harassers. Latin mobsters. They did tile then we had our pets murdered when we were on vacation and my youngest teenager got raped during the holidays. They mug and thug in Philadelphia. Pay off the cops they know.
Category: Crime Added: 2020-03-02 18:11:30 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: PA City: Philadelphia

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Organized Crime


All the family members arrive to work in shaded out suvs. I know they can enter cars and homes. Ivan is a thug.
posted on Mar 02 2020 06:12:44 PM

Temple of Set. Aquino’s prior wife was in the “familia”.
posted on Mar 02 2020 06:15:29 PM

Run for your life.
posted on Mar 02 2020 06:16:06 PM

They once put a Pilates ball in my bed and then stood outside smoking weed with wife beater tees on leaning against their drug cars. Ivan and Omar Perez , who had a large obese belly a deep voice and they just stood getting stoned outside my home laughing. No forced entry however they “told” me with their cocky attitudes that they entered my home placed a Pilates ball under my bed covers and thought it was funny. They are gang scum. When a family member was interested in joining the police force. I told them the truth, the invasion of our computer network, the stalking, the home entry , the violent emails. I guess the force liked that in a candidate. All true. Scum.
posted on Mar 08 2020 06:09:10 PM

They regularly boast about violent emails sent to me and shared with my coworkers. Sexually explicit emails from a baby daddy in the family I don’t even know. Stalked harassed over saying no!
posted on Mar 08 2020 06:14:31 PM

I once picked up a picture of my daughter in the house and it had a big x on her face after they raped her on Christmas. They have no remorse or respect for human life. They collect cars.
posted on Mar 08 2020 06:26:17 PM

I researched the name : they changed it from Santos to Shoe Zepeda. What a joke.
posted on Mar 08 2020 06:42:04 PM

Cactus shoes.
posted on Mar 08 2020 06:48:03 PM

Omar Perez: la familia
posted on Mar 08 2020 07:05:29 PM

I’ll never forget the time my boyfriend was on a trip to visit family and I woke up in my own home feeling drugged and like someone punched me in the back while I was sleeping. Doors locked. Windows open screens locked in summer. Get them out of here.
posted on Mar 09 2020 08:22:00 AM

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