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She is the evilest person alive known to the drug cartel.She has put two people in prison tried a third time but failed.Her babies daddy got him high one night he woke Up seen her talking to a man and wife couple she told him that they were sexual predators and thought that their children were sick see you woke up called his cousin he came over with a Glock 40 went outside blew his brains out and then turn the gun on his wife and shot her in the neck he’s doing life in prison in Arizona. Her other baby daddy got him messed up on cocaine and meth and he went up north her parents called her in as missing at the age of 34 when the police found him he was in possession of meth which happened to be hers then she claimed that she was kidnapped by Juan Carlos Leyva berdoza.All of this to just set people up and on the side she was in the adult porn industry and prostitution. She charges 125 an hour she put cameras in my house set me up , my uncle retired federal officer George Gaber was fu***** her on the side because he is a fuckstick! She sells and uses meth and then uses that to set people up. I was filling my tahoe up I opened the rear passenger door to talk to her she have placed idk 100 or more worth of meth in the cup holders. Her plan was to have me pulled over and have me arrested. As soon as I left for work I found out my house turned into a fu** shop. Nelly Rosales,nelly berdoza Manuela Rosales, marteinze and other names she goes by. She has been doing this for the last 18 years and still does it. She claim ES
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Setting people up/Prostitution

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