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Mandee Andree is a undercover cop for the citrus heights police department her real name is Nicole Rizzi and she has already been exposed as a snitch when she worked for washington DC police department its all over the internet if you look up Nicole Rizzi and them look up Mandee Andree you will find all you need. its a cop ran trailer park where the undercovers live and sell drugs from. Koke Conners is a cop so is Frank timmons at **** so is Robert Wessels at **** so is Jim and Jaclie Andree at **** Tabatha Sherman and Mike Lyda are also snitvhes and work for CHPD selling drugs at all these places and setting people up
Category: Crime Added: 2018-10-12 03:43:03 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: CA City: Citrus Heights ZIP: 95610

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Mandee Andree or officer Nicole Rizzi has a snitch brother who lives in Reno that goes by Travis Lisenbee and sells meth with the Reno PD main dope man in the blue apartments behind the Greyhound station at 128 Ralston ST in downtown.
posted on Oct 13 2018 10:55:32 PM

Franky Timmons is not a cop dumb bit**
posted on Jan 11 2019 08:55:45 AM

For one its so sad that u have nothing in life but to write bullshit about people get it right though mandee is no cop or snitch nor is fanky timmon mike lyda robery wessle
posted on Apr 24 2019 07:19:08 AM

They are
posted on Aug 01 2019 04:19:36 AM

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