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Snitch Subject: Its okay my name is Makenna too.

My name is Makenna too and whenever I'm acting like a bit** my friends call me MaCUNTa as well and I deserve it I'm sure because I'm acting like a royal brat and a total cu**. Its okay Makenna you are a cu** when you are a cu** and when you are you go by MaCUNTa Quist. Not sure abt your SlurpyDogPussy mother Jillian Quist Jones or BitchBoyBitchDick father Ryan Quist. But you can see abt them at twitter @cuckoldstinks And. Twitter @bitchdickboy Vanna Sweets been a prostitute since forever but fu** had no idea. She was back in redbook days. She was shady back then as well but di**. Dogs and kink porn with her girls and robbing people thats different level. She was mainly escorting out of the Bay Area in San Francisco when I saw her probably like 6 -7 years ago and then I know she went over to nightshift .co and was there for quite a while and wherever else BackPage, Craigslist but yeah I didn't know she was back in the game and doing all that stuff that's nuts.
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Its okay my name is Makenna too.

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