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Lynette hewlett Gardner

Snitch Subject: Evil woman succubus

Words are not enough to.describe the truth. She says that she's Jesus Christ and God. Claims to love everyone except her own kids . She loves dope and di** . And spreading lies chaos and hatred. Under the spell of being a loving caring person. As long as your feeding her money and dope and co**. She cares not how old your grandfather is or your middle school aged son or daughter for that matter. As long as she gets She can't tell the truth to save her soul. And will just turn it back around on you . You are the liar See will then tell you that she can not tell a lie . And that she doesn't steal either. She steals happiness and friendships . Destroy's marriage and Don't get why other women don't lile.her.hanging out with there husbands. And acts like the sluttiest white on earth but can't fu** at all . Like a limp body or a very in experience girl. And as soon as the money or dope is gone she gotta go. To the next big day sack .The infamous Ledbetter Loosy looking for a ride to town. And a box of sweet
Category: Complaint Added: 2018-03-05 21:16:54 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: TX City: Ledbetter ZIP: 78945

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Evil woman succubus

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