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Attention Lompoc Parents: LVMS has a comment box on campus that allows students and staff to drop little notes anonymously, naming students that they witness committing any act that is against school rules and policy. The vice principle will then read notes and contact named students parents, letting them know they are suspended . It doesn't take a psychologist to know what happens when 11-14 year olds are encouraged to leave a omment in a box anonymously to get other students in trouble. No questions asked even. Ever heard this: " observe and report all suspicious circumstances and actions?" This is what a security officers job description is. Jr. High aged students should not be able to to identify people doing things that look odd to them. Their perception of things could be distorted by family, friends, and imagination. Do your jobs staff. Don't have a sherrif go to the houses of parents that didn't answer a call . People do things while kids are in school. Leave a message and call back in 30 min.until call is returned. Leave a message too. Sending a sherrif 3 miles in to a canyon to let a parent know they need to answer their phone because the school is calling. Can't tell you why, they just relay a message . How much do you think that costs? Maybe better things for a Sherrif to do than relay a message for some controlling snide bit** at a middle school. This approach is wrong and is sure to cost more money than our community can afford to be taxed for. A Saftey program is what this lame policy supports. Don't allow your kid to be anonymously bullied by the tattle tales of snitches in the making.
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This school should burn in Hell.
posted on Feb 24 2019 01:40:07 PM

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