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On 09/28/09 a Lompoc Police Officer asked to see my ID as I was a witness to a fight at my apartment complex. He ran my name (I have a completely clean background) and didn't return my ID. I asked for it back a number of times and he told me that he had already returned it. I called the Police Department and it took more than 24 hours to receive a call back. When I was called back I was told, "No YOU misplaced it." A week later I returned home to find my ID stuck in between my front door and the door frame. So not only did the officer steal my ID, lie to me and his commanding officer about it, he left it on the door of my apartment where anyone could have stolen it. And that's the type of men we have "keeping Lompoc safe". HA!
Category: Abuse Added: 2009-10-16 13:21:38 Year: 2009 Country: United States State: CA City: Lompoc ZIP: 93436

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stolen ID

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