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The other day my child had my phone with her at her friends home when she was playing outside she left it on the flowers bed for like 2mins it was then stollen so after I go look for it I call lompocs cops the most incompetent police around I tell him what happened and the only thing he says is my 10 year old is not old enough to be walking 2blocks to her friends and I tell him I figured since she walks home from school on a daily basis that it would not be an issue he then informs me that she is to young to walk home from school so I call CWS and ask them that my 10yo daughter walks home from school is that ok they told me yes as long as she is well rehersed in how to look both ways stranger danger and I feel comfortable doing so I am sick of these cops abusing there power what they are saying is nuts and just there opinion and the funny thing is he tried to use the whole its a different time then when you grew up when yeah it is but in a good way becouse there is a sinificant drop in crime from the 80,s to to day if you don't believe me check disastercenter.com/crime/cacrime.htm someone needs to teach these cops to do there jobs instead of trying to find if the victim is doing something wrong here's a fu***** clue fire them all and hire people who won't abuse there power
Category: Complaint Added: 2013-04-30 08:59:44 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: CA City: Lompoc ZIP: 93436

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incompetent Lazy and don't do there Jobs

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