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The clerks in Lompoc City Hall are rude and sarcastic and they won't answer your questions and they lie and they say you have to pay to get city codes and they say you need a permit and a contractor for things you want to do to your property when you don't need either, and they let some people get away with murder and harass others. Lompoc sucks.
Category: Abuse Added: 2008-10-20 22:44:28 Year: 2007 Country: United States State: CA City: Lompoc ZIP: 93436

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corrupt, liars,


Lompoc is horrible, cops are liars, so it city hall, the courts, etc.
posted on Oct 29 2010 08:44:39 PM

code enforcement in lompoc is unfair. targets only lower income families. building div.-steve g.-coward -is a person that thinks he can intimidate people because they have no means to remedy the issue.he does this while hiding behind a city atty. what a prick!!! probably a childmolester!! and how about that stewie griffin lookin mayor..theyre prob.lovers.wow!!!
posted on Jan 05 2013 10:29:42 PM

if you decide to non-op a vehicle and park in your own driveway-as the state instucts you to do-they (the city gestapo) will tell you that its`a nuisance? they try to run the city like a 'homeowners association' or h.o.a. Most people I know non-op a vehicle to save money when not being used.Some save vehicles for children who will be driving their first car shortly, or a child is away at college and will need transportation when they graduate. Some use that vehicle to go work when employed, yes city dickh****. some people lost jobs due to no fault of our own! So now we must choose to pay for registration(even though we already did by paying non-op fees- this is still a form of registration) ofeed our children. Hmm, let me think,which one is more important? Maybe I will never work again, our family of six will file for aid, sit around and figure out ways to make this city as unpleasent as possible for all who are here or are consindering bringing a business here. DON'T MOVE HERE ,START A BUSINESS, PAS THROUGH BECAUSE THE GANGS AND HOMELESS AREN'T FRIENDLY! THIS CITY SUCKS AS*!!!!! EVERYONE SMOKES- USED TO HAVE DECENT DOG SHOWS, BUT THESE DORKHOLES IN CHARGE CANT EVEN CONTROL GROPHERS! EVEN THE FESTIVALS SUCK DUE TO CITY INTERFERENCE!!! SO SINCE THEY WONT BE HAVING MANY,IF ANY, MORE DOG SHOWS,THEY HAVE DECIDED TO TRY AND SQUEEZE MONEY OUT OF POOR PEOPLE!! AND TO WHOEVER OWNS ALL OF THE VEHICLES AROUND THE THIRD ST.AND PINE ST.- NEVER GIVE IN TO THEIR INTIMIDATION!! HORRIBLE PLACE TO RAISE KIDS ALSO- METH SEEMS TO BE THE MAIN FOOD IN THIS TOWN!! AND THEY'RE WORRIED ABOUT VEHICLES??? HURRY UP AND GO BANKRUPT CITY LOSERS!! AND THIS CITY IS ANTI- MEXICAN AND PRO SEX OFFENDER-JUST ASK ANYONE WHOS NOT WHITE!!!!!!!
posted on Feb 05 2013 08:53:09 PM

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