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Lisa Bailey

Snitch Subject: Drug sells

Came out of prison and back to her old game of using and selling meth.
Category: Crime Added: 2019-08-19 13:40:11 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: TX City: Amarillo ZIP: 79106

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Drug sells


Sells her big pus** for meth with suck a di** or share a needle in a heartbeat
posted on Aug 27 2019 07:39:01 AM

Old n nasty prison WHO** her stanky gaped out pus** Ain't that something she finally made A list! Wrong list but she dumb and ok with it...
posted on Sep 03 2019 05:25:22 PM

Oh this old bit** did time she a dirty hoe she well go down on woman as well lickity split and loves it for her meth.
posted on Sep 03 2019 06:31:54 PM

Men stay away she a meth head sh** for brains. She gave me chlamydia i gave her some money just so she would go away forever
posted on Sep 03 2019 06:44:49 PM

Now Im gonna hurt your feelings Connie Snelson. Danny had his face between my legs for a month sucking my pus** juice saying my name telling me he wanted me & needed me. How do I taste dumb as*. Never once did I drink or do drugs w Danny. Because I dont use & havent in years. Danny said he was gonna ki** himself over you & your evil friend in LA. I told him to come home w his family then. Because I cared & you didnt. I didnt say come home to me.The police know both innernet address on ALL you TWO have tried to do to me. Its juvilille & I could care less what you or anyone says about me.Im over it & Danny to. I made him leave my home on two occations for his obbsessive drinking & drug use. You have ruined him Connie Snelson by being a grown Mans enabler in his drug use.Not me. NOT ONE TIME DID WE USE ANYTHING ask him.> I got his as* gone so fast when i seen this disfunctional behavior.. You got ur boy back because I dont want a boy w a fuc*** up mind like Dannys.. OR ID HAVE HIM DUMB BIT**. You cant hurt me like youve done Danny you see because I dont give a fu** about you or ur dumb as* friend in LA. Ive filed against you both w the FCC and spoke to my Legal Assistant on line about these sites . Danny begged me to love him But I couldnt hes an alcholic & you have ruined him Connie Snelson. You should be proud of yourself.
posted on Sep 18 2019 03:32:35 AM

Your a lieing piece of stinking as* sh** puta this danny you old nasty fat flabby who** you know an alcoholic and drug addict as you call me does not own a 2018 Chevrolet pickup truck and keeps a job for over 5 years you stupid motherfucket w**** U were imprisoned for 10 years for selling meth and back at it again your selling and using again I don't give a f*** what you think you stupid cu** you know that I was at your house when your dealer there the Russian woman came to your house gave you a rock of meth bigger than my hand I hope the police are reading this dumb b**** now what you got to say as for me sucking your stinking as* pus** that I could smell through your clothes you're a stupid motherfucker liar always have been the reason you ran me off your house out of the four times you invited me over to drink trying to get me to f*** you the second time I was there you did manage to get me drunk enough to butt fu** you hugh on your meth loving it i almost threw up from the smell got sick to my stomach but i knew it would be tighter than that over sized pus** id had over 25 trs ago why would it have shrunk your teeth are yellow as the Moon you your face is so f****** wrinkled you look like your Pitbull you're nasty you're disgusting I hope you end up back in prison I hope the police are reading this and they see when you we're at posting this lie up at 3 something in the morning on snitches. Com you tweaking as* b**** you know 25 years ago I dumped her stupid w**** as* for this beautiful woman that you f*****are lieing, to you haven't destroyed her at all trust me she knows you're a piece of s*** as for her friend she's got more money in her bank account than you'll ever make in a lifetime you moron now go die whoever commented about your house not fit for dogs to live in is true I provided my beautiful wife with a 200 thousand dollar home to live in i could not stand being in your home it smelled of stinky feet and cat spray or was that your nasty pus** connie knows i butt fuc*** and had me test for stds thank god i am free of any take your old piece of sh** car and do the world a favor go fall of a bridge cause i hate you fuc*** puta and wish your were dead puta nasty meth head bit**. . Police do your job get this repeated offender back where she belongs.
posted on Sep 26 2019 10:41:36 PM

Not done i am so mad at your stupid lies you motherfucker. Lets set the record straight as you messaged connie telling her that i was living with you lies lies, and for eating pus** only one that got that pleasure was my wife of 25 yrs. You and the other who*** i had smelt so horrible i would rather been butt fuc*** than go down on you drunk or not a person can smell and gets even sicker when they drunk as i was you kicked me out years ago because i would not go down on you do know puta you sounded just like a x prison stupid as* and as for you thinking that i would leave connie for you i begged my wife not to divorce me and to take me back everyday not you i hate you your a stupid nasty wrinkled flabby butt ugly cu** your as* was dumped 25 years ago for connie so live in your dreams say what you want just stay the fu** out if my life puta you begged me to come to amarillo as i was going thru my divorce i went there to be with my mom and sis not you stupid motherfucker oh by the way reason we found out about this sight and your post is because one of your friends let me know who** now please go fu** yourself or just go die do society a favor connie knows the truth she read you messages to me she knows who was begging who dumb bit** police another tip she takes in stolen goods such as lamps jewerly furniture in trade when her customers have no cash
posted on Sep 26 2019 11:30:11 PM

Just wanted you to know the amarillo police department was given your pathetic story lmao charges have been filed against you as well as your precious Connie. Don't you have anything else better to do then talk sh** about lisa? Seriously grow up work on your own life. He'll get a life. Thank you for writing in. The more evidence the better. Texas does extradite. The police who you are. Oh by the way witness statements against you about you and all the messages and voice mail that your Connie and you have ever sent to her, even from her parole officer wrote a statement in her behalf. the police have as evidence. She doesn't have time for your games she's got her life on track. And the things you said about her are the same things you said about Connie. That's so sad. Get some help serious help for your dillusional alcoholic mental self.
posted on Sep 27 2019 02:05:41 PM

The way to "win at these things is to show your opponent that you couldn't care less about them or anything they've written about you. The way you do that is by not giving them any of your time or energy because you've got better things to do than spend hours writing these posts. You're BOTH losing miserably. Lol
posted on Nov 04 2019 01:24:01 AM

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