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Lisa Bailey

Snitch Subject: Drug sells

Came out of prison and back to her old game of using and selling meth.
Category: Crime Added: 2019-08-19 13:40:11 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: TX City: Amarillo ZIP: 79106

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Drug sells


Sells her big pus** for meth with suck a di** or share a needle in a heartbeat
posted on Aug 27 2019 07:39:01 AM

Old n nasty prison WHO** her stanky gaped out pus** Ain't that something she finally made A list! Wrong list but she dumb and ok with it...
posted on Sep 03 2019 05:25:22 PM

Oh this old bit** did time she a dirty hoe she well go down on woman as well lickity split and loves it for her meth.
posted on Sep 03 2019 06:31:54 PM

Men stay away she a meth head sh** for brains. She gave me chlamydia i gave her some money just so she would go away forever
posted on Sep 03 2019 06:44:49 PM

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