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Lindsay Michael Wright

Snitch Subject: She is owned by us broke rules

Lindsay Michael Wright lives at 2969 Huron street Galloway Station she has a bounty on her head anyone that is caught with her is collertal damage we're very serious about this and we are not playing games she is owned by us and always will be
Category: Other Added: 2019-09-10 11:47:08 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: MO City: Galloway Station

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She is owned by us broke rules


Lmao Man you are obsessed with this person. Lol How many different stories are you going to post? The sheer volume of posts about different bs implies absolutely zero legitimacy. You really should get a hobby or a better way to use all your time. Jesus.
posted on Sep 11 2019 12:34:24 AM

Oh and fyi. Anyone who seriously had a price on this person would not be stupid enough to post the shit on this site giving away their IP and other info. So either you're REALLY stupid or just an idiot. Duh.
posted on Sep 11 2019 12:38:50 AM

We really don't care what you think ass holes MF we are far from stupid we are smart no one knows who we are except a very select few people what are they gonna do let them bring it we want everyone to know if you mother fuckers don't like it do something about it
posted on Sep 11 2019 07:52:30 PM

You are a flaming mo.Suck it,pusscake
posted on Sep 13 2019 03:20:44 AM

You are a dick sucking mother fucking pussy let's meet and see how much of a badass you think you are chicken shit mother fucker
posted on Sep 13 2019 08:38:33 AM

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