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Lindsay Michael Wright

Snitch Subject: She is owned by us broke rules

Lindsay Michael Wright lives at **** she has a bounty on her head anyone that is caught with her is collertal damage we're very serious about this and we are not playing games she is owned by us and always will be
Category: Other Added: 2019-09-10 11:47:08 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: MO City: Galloway Station


Lmao Man you are obsessed with this person. Lol How many different stories are you going to post? The sheer volume of posts about different bs implies absolutely zero legitimacy. You really should get a hobby or a better way to use all your time. Jesus.
posted on Sep 11 2019 12:34:24 AM

Oh and fyi. Anyone who seriously had a price on this person would not be stupid enough to post the sh** on this site giving away their IP and other info. So either you're REALLY stupid or just an idiot. Duh.
posted on Sep 11 2019 12:38:50 AM

We really don't care what you think as* holes MF we are far from stupid we are smart no one knows who we are except a very select few people what are they gonna do let them bring it we want everyone to know if you mother fu***** don't like it do something about it
posted on Sep 11 2019 07:52:30 PM

You are a flaming mo.Suck it,pusscake
posted on Sep 13 2019 03:20:44 AM

You are a di** sucking mother fu***** pus** let's meet and see how much of a badass you think you are chicken sh** mother fuc***
posted on Sep 13 2019 08:38:33 AM

You sound like your 13 years old. Lol Keep posting. YOU'RE the one not doing yourself any favors. Eventually you'll realize how stupid you have to be to think anyone would take this seriously since you're dumb enough to incriminate yourself on a public forum that tracks your IP address. You screwed yourself out being believable. Lol
posted on Sep 22 2019 01:21:02 AM

lol dumb broke mofo in the hood got a bounty on someone...smh, lmao
posted on Sep 23 2019 09:20:52 AM

lol stupid enough to think anyone really looks at this blog. who's he sending his message to? she ain't reading this joke page.
posted on Sep 23 2019 09:23:32 AM

And apparently there's a hitman out there doin some pro bono sh** for broke 13 year olds who "is not playing games".lol
posted on Sep 24 2019 11:17:44 PM

I love it when people are like "nobody lookin at this stupid blog, joke page.." lol YOU'RE here. Lol
posted on Sep 24 2019 11:23:45 PM

But you're correct, this person its directed towards probably won't ever even know it's here. The reason being the people that post rants about others on here are letting that person inside their head without them having to do a thing. The person this is directed at probably has better things to do than read rants from people who devote way too much time to hating someone. That's the irony of it. By posting these rants you leave yourself wide open to look like the fool who's spending too much time hating someone who doesn't give a sh** what you think. See how that works
posted on Sep 24 2019 11:30:31 PM

If you don't like it do something about it di** face I live in a whole different world than you don't know what we are all about we do not like to be screwed when someone breaks our rules we can't let it slide not if you want to do something about it I will meet you anywhere you want to then we'll see who is the puss and MF bring it on hot shot anytime anywhere
posted on Sep 27 2019 10:55:09 PM

What I can tell you is serious people don't post sh** like little kids. They just get it done without all the high school sh** you're pulling. So dumb. Gee I'll bet real live mob people post on here too. Not. Lol
posted on May 29 2020 10:34:37 PM

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