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Lindsay Michael Wright

Snitch Subject: She is burning people and she's going to burn more

Lindsay Michael Wright 44 lives in Galloway Station she already has and is going to burn more people because they treated her like sh** these are the only people I know she is after Richie Rich Arkansas Kevin OJ Destiny I can't think of the other people's names at this point but some are already gone if you don't want to believe me wait around long enough you will find out hey Lindsay if you see this we are coming you just never learn
Category: Other Added: 2019-09-08 10:39:18 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: MO City: Galloway Station


Sorry original poster, I don't think she's seeing all the work and time you're devoting to her. Stay strong tho she may come around to your obsession. You a fan tho with all the posts you've put in devoted to her. Lol Keep trying she might notice you when every other website is down for maintenance. Lol
posted on Sep 11 2019 12:49:05 AM

And who's"we"? You lookin like a one man army in all these posts. Im just amused by tge fact that you'd spend so much time on this chick.
posted on Sep 11 2019 12:53:12 AM

Go smoke a di** and vomit, pud-knocker
posted on Sep 13 2019 03:34:51 AM

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