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Leroy Danielsen

Snitch Subject: Fraud and a scam artist

Leroy Danielsen or Gen Lee is his Facebook alias is a RAT he’s no good he’s a liar and a thief he will still his own sh** then blame everyone else for it start a crowdfunding campaign the guy is no good he’s in Carson City, Nevada or the Las Vegas area he has a pantera cover band called farr beyond driven they suck and he walks around daily acting and trying the best his tweeker as* can to look like dimebag Darrel
Category: Fraud Added: 2019-06-02 00:16:49 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NV City: Las Vegas

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Fraud and a scam artist


Leroy you’re a pile of sh** a drug addict and a liar you’re a keyboard warrior that it’s going to catch up too one day another either there will be justice with you ending up in jail or there will be street justice I hope you go to jail you’ve fuc*** with some pretty bad people you’ve told some pretty bad lies and you’ve stolen Farr to many times guy you need to right your wrongs ASAP you tweaker fu**
posted on Jun 18 2019 01:40:34 PM

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