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This guy seems to be a good talker at the pulpit. Outside the pulpit he's a wimp. At least he did not force giving. Good he did not support the Tithe either.
Category: Critique Added: 2008-11-30 15:09:34 Year: 2007 Country: United States State: TN City: moronville

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Seemed like a great guy to me. Truly sincere and believed what he preached. From what I know of him he really loves people and is concerned for their salvation as well as their earthly needs. Why you would say he is a wimp doesn't make since, I don't think a fight is what a pastor would want to engage in. He was always great with me and my family.
posted on Jun 30 2009 07:26:33 PM

Most in local churches do want to fight. I do recall some male members becoming angry at people throwing rocks at their cars while driving through town. Now that sounds like a fight to me. There is no safe haven for non church goers.
posted on Apr 04 2010 10:02:07 PM

His wife made weird noses during worship. Bible tells us not to be showy or noisy in worship.
posted on Apr 04 2010 10:03:15 PM

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