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Snitch Subject: SCAM, Ripoff, Fraud

Do not trust this company or matt & catherine willis. They belong to many travel related MLM type companies and they rip you off. They will get your credit card info and steal your money! NEVER TRUST THEM.
Category: Complaint Added: 2010-09-02 13:16:01 Year: 2010 Country: United States State: GA City: Lawrenceville

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SCAM, Ripoff, Fraud


wow it just happened to you too? I was just searching the internet for somewhere to hear my voice on them and I found this... Yeah Matt Willis Scammed me too. I just wrote it off and moved on, but how many other people has he done this too! BUYER BEWARE!
posted on Sep 02 2010 01:19:34 PM

Leading Enterprises from Georgia is not to be trusted! They charged me for a membership to Mor Vacations and they never gave me the membership or a refund!
posted on Oct 25 2010 02:02:18 PM

First and foremost I need to apologize to Matt & Catherine Willis; not only for the misunderstandings and lies that I told, but for the slander and manner of treatment because I disagreed with one thing. I ordered a vacation package. I was informed of the policy. 1 day after the 3 days pass, my wife and I got a tax bill and freaked out. We needed the money back. I agreed to a policy and needed it to change, but it didn’t. So I tried to make things move the way I wanted them to by lashing out. Not many businesses change or bend policy to individuals. So I was wrong, I should not have posted what I did and I should have posted this long ago. Knowing what has gone on and how harshly I treated them, they still have continued to reach out to me. We have buried the proverbial hatchet and forgiven each other. It is unfortunate that one silly person (like myself) can get upset and make war with a keyboard and a mouse on the internet and in the case of these report sites, nothing will be removed. Please do not judge someone by one mistake or one opinion. Let me tell you the real culprit “LIFE”. We as well as others made a decision and change our minds so we are hurtful to those we did business with to try and get our way. That does not mean that everything you read is truth. Here is one case where I have not been bought off to be silenced or hushed, but have owned up to my own lies to try and get my way. Well sometimes you have to live with your decisions. I know that I was wrong and it is very humbling to admit that.
posted on Sep 28 2011 07:57:25 AM

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