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Lawrence kulak

Snitch Subject: Bad bastard loser!!

I hate him, you son of a bitch!! His number (929) 363-8951. Spam him.
Category: Abuse Added: 2020-09-15 00:05:03 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: NY City: Brooklyn ZIP: 11210

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Bad bastard loser!!


This is what he said about why he called 911 on me. “He’s a nice guy. “ The piece of work that he is.
posted on Sep 17 2020 11:48:03 AM

I’m right now awarding him the following charges: Assault in the second degree B class felony 3 counts Assault with intent to cause injury B class felony 2 counts Property damage in the third degree C class felony 3 counts Menacing C class felony 5 five counts Harassment and intimidation B class felony 10 counts Court hearing was done released on recognizance and he’s guilty of 5 felonies.
posted on Dec 28 2020 03:05:55 PM

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