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Lawrence Kulak

Snitch Subject: He's a sick bastard POS

I want to know when he can really start suffering from his problems? He likes to turn the argument on the person and make him a victim. He doesn't see past face value with his sh*t for brains. All I can is he is a low life ungrateful piece of sh*t and I hope he dies today that mother freaker. He's a worthless piece of scum.
Category: Complaint Added: 2019-07-31 04:33:22 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NY City: Beverly Hills ZIP: 11210


the man who wrote this goes by the name of Daniel Rosten. He is a possibly AIDS carrying homosexual who lives as a squatter at 976 E. 29th St. He is one trespassing complaint away from being homeless.
posted on Nov 02 2019 04:10:07 PM

To anonymous: your mother had HIV/Aids: you’re next and you’re possibly a piece of sh** that drives a loser Toyota Corolla
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:46:02 AM

The man is very angry at you for writing that, and wants you to become a homosexual with AIDS that should suck and swallow. Die in your mother’s assh*** fag***
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:48:29 AM

Your mother carries AIDs fag*** loser suck and swallow your fathers load I’m a legal tenant, not a squatter you stupid piece of living crap asswipe
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:51:09 AM

Wow: homosexual, fancy! Go back to 2nd grade piece of sh**
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:52:38 AM

Whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves. Your grandfather is rolling in his grace, not to mention your grand mommy.
posted on Dec 05 2019 04:15:04 PM

You are one call away from sucking and swallowing big black di** fag***
posted on Dec 08 2019 10:03:45 AM

Go to hell bastard!!!
posted on Dec 09 2019 09:48:14 PM

Anyways I don’t live there and I’m not a homosexual but straight. I’m not a squatter and never was, I pay the electric bill.
posted on Mar 02 2020 03:46:33 PM

I’m not trespassing. I went through a court case, and won: free and clear bozo. Why are you assuming? Anyone want to support me, because I’m a good guy? Can leave me an envelope with $300 in it and marked Rosten @ 976 E 29th ST. I’m the zchus of Rebbi Nachman, you should merit a geula shelama and Moshiach now??! :)
posted on Mar 02 2020 03:49:11 PM

I apologize about writing nasty stuff, and I want to be given a letter of teshuva. Being poor and having lived in filthy conditions is not an excuse.
posted on Mar 02 2020 03:50:25 PM

I’m not Daniel, I’m named after Rabbi Nachman. This is the reason Carona virus exists.
posted on Apr 06 2020 12:38:51 AM

I was haymaker punched, were you? Shows what a heartless piece of crap he is.
posted on Apr 15 2020 01:24:43 AM

I was haymaker punched, were you? Shows what a heartless piece of crap he is.
posted on Apr 15 2020 01:24:43 AM

You’re a possibly AIDS carrying individual. I’m also Jewish and you shouldn’t try to ruin someone else’a reputation. Or it goes back to you. I’m HIV negative. I hope that you do teshuva. Please don’t get involved in other people’s issues. I withdraw my first comment.
posted on Apr 16 2020 03:24:21 PM

Wishing he'd die??? Wow.
posted on May 12 2020 02:49:09 PM

I don’t wish that, but he is a non deserving piece of garbage for sure.
posted on Jun 05 2020 10:45:23 PM

To first commentator, I’m not a homosexual, where do you get your facts from? This loser Mr Kulak, has his foot in his mouth.
posted on Jun 05 2020 10:46:37 PM

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