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Lawrence Kulak

Snitch Subject: He's a vile sick loser.

Then he blamed me, the point is he made me this way. I don't trust my own people. He's a filthy hating bigot.
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I withdraw these comments, you deserve respect Lawrence. But you don’t get respect for being a snitch and a backstabber.
posted on Apr 16 2020 03:17:46 PM

Your post says "he made you this way" but people can only do to you what you let them. Now he's still got the upper hand because he's living in your head rent free. You're letting him do that too.
posted on May 12 2020 02:45:53 PM

He’s out of my thoughts, for the most post (65%). It’s tough to have bad thoughts, even though it’s not all his fault. I’m trying to have better thinking habits.
posted on Jun 10 2020 03:53:00 PM

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