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Lawrence Kulak

Snitch Subject: Backstabbing thief and rat snitch

The worst backstabber ever, may he never rest from his suffering. Doesn't even apologize!
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-06-06 11:43:39 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NY City: Flatbush ZIP: 11210

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Backstabbing thief and rat snitch



The man who wrote this goes by the name Daniel Rosten. He is a possibly AIDS infected homosexual who lives as a squatter at 976 E. 29th St. in Brooklyn. He is one trespassing complaint away from possibly becoming homeless.
posted on Nov 02 2019 04:14:16 PM

Shut your assh*** Lawrence kulak aids infected obese piece of living crap snitch bastard Die in feces like you deserve Mother fucker I’m not trespassing, I have the keys: you fu***** disgusting assh***
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:26:52 AM

I wish that you died on the streets while being homeless piece of sh** Lawrence kulak
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:28:05 AM

Btw people: Lawrence is a filthy piece of living shit His brains should be blown out, it’s what he deserves
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:29:59 AM

You gave out my address?!! You should rot in hell you fu***** snitch piece of living sheet!! His number: (929) 363-8951 He’s an asswipe.
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:34:20 AM

Die Lawrence DIE!! You speak backstabber language. I speak two other languages.
posted on Dec 02 2019 02:35:45 AM

posted on Dec 11 2019 10:08:28 PM

You know wishing someone would die is no less evil than what you're accusing him of and definitely as equally punishable by your God.
posted on Dec 11 2019 10:12:51 PM

Got to love those Hypocrites who can't see their own wrong doings. Lol and they always seem to be religious.
posted on Dec 11 2019 10:14:28 PM

That’s not it, he’s a back stabber and he deserves it.
posted on Dec 13 2019 07:47:41 AM

Daniel Rosten is still squatting at 976 East 29th St. He is a psychotic homosexual who lives on an orthodox block where the neighbors all cannot stan him. He runs a massage business out of the house and brings in homosexuals of all races and ages.
posted on Dec 20 2019 07:37:05 AM

News: There is no Daniel Rosten, he is not a homosexual but straight. I don’t wish evil but good for people. I moved out and I do massage for both sexes but mostly men go over to me. I don’t do massage between 9 and 5, when there normal working hours. You’re wrong and I pay maintenance fees at my new place. Ok fine, hatzlacha, Shavua Tov.
posted on Mar 02 2020 03:02:25 PM

For those who agree, there is no “homosexual”: it’s what fate decides. That’s a fancy term for overly gay, and I’m not. I mostly am a straight guy.
posted on Mar 02 2020 03:04:34 PM

Hello, if you want to make a donation? It’s pikuach nefesh, lesham mitzvah. You go on PayPal and send to: Or see my website: Hopefully we’ll make it through.
posted on Mar 22 2020 03:58:36 AM

I withdraw my nasty comment about Lawrence Kulak, I should never have met him. Bad luck is one reason, why I did.
posted on Apr 16 2020 03:26:47 PM

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