Laura Osborne - Informant/Drama/Lies

She's gone above and beyond in attempts to get her son out of trouble, which is in some regard honorable, but not at the expense of others falling. Her son Michael (once went by Michelle) Osborne has "Criminal" tatted on his throat and is housed in a protected wing at I.S.C.C. She requested my help setting someone up to get her snitch son out of trouble. Don't trust her, she'll do anything and say anything in attempts to soften his inevitable blows. She's tarnishing the names of Good people as well as highlighting some bad in others. Regardless she's a snake.

If it was Stevie she wanted to set up then good for her because that BIT** deserves it. Shes rolled on so many people shes got at least one coming. I dont believe this woman is an "informant" in the sense that is meant. Would she set someone up she knows had a hand in a "false" charge on her kid? You bet. But she's not out there using and ratting on people, not like that at all. I don't know her well but I can say I would not want to be someone who may have been responsible for a false charge on her son. I do however feel that shes well aware that Michael is NO ANGEL, as far as I know she was only trying to help him with a "false" charge and if that really happened I'd be doing the same for my family. He's definitely lucky to have someone so determined working on his behalf. I hope one day he behaves in a way that he deserves it.
2018-06-28 08:39:55
Correction Mike Osborn is now housed in Texas. No longer in West Wing. He is in fact Green lit politically and confirmed to be No good. His mother well.... idk much about her other than she raised him and backs his play.
2018-03-10 23:25:58
Good info. TY
2018-03-13 19:55:49
Melody Logan, NO one asked you to help set someone up, YOU offered to get Stevie to tell the truth. I have seen the FB Message, and Glide Messages. I especially enjoyed the Glide Video you shared that Stevie sent you when she was pregnant and doing Meth. I know Michael, he has NEVER been known as Michelle, thats another one of your Lies. You and Stevie are back to hanging out and getting High. You two have a lot in common, did time together and both lost custody of your kids. Real loser mothers. You should have stayed in Ohio, Boise doesnt need another Meth Head on the streets. And Bit**, what good ppl got their names tarnished? You are so desperate for dope and someone to hang out with, you are with the very Rat Bit**, Stevie Christensen, that you trash talked.
2018-07-17 04:42:15

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