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I live down the street from this girl. First she moves in our neighborhood with a circus of children who constantly misbehave and constantly screaming. She has way too many animals which you can smell from across the street. Trash is always building up. When she let her dog sh** in my yard and did not pick it up. I have security cameras and last week she pulled up in her vehicle and walked into my yard a took two of my chairs that I had out drying. No they were not by the side walk they were on my patio if she does not return them in 5 days I will hand this video to the police and finalize my report. Moral of the story dont steal from your neighbors idiot.
Category: Vent Added: 2019-08-16 08:21:35 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: AZ City: Maricopa

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Stealing from yard


Why post on this site. She won't see that. Walk down to her house and tell her yourself. Giving someone a deadline that they know nothing about isn't very effective. Lol
posted on Aug 18 2019 12:06:35 AM

I dont know where this girl is from but she was definitely not meant for our community. She belongs in the project's or something her house smells so bad like cat piss and dog sh** does she not take care of her home. Her kids are loud and always screaming and you can hear her screaming and yelling and fighting with her husband. Someone needs to call dcs someone needs to be involved she does not appear to be able to take care of all those kids and definitely does not belong in our neighborhood
posted on Aug 23 2019 10:45:55 PM

You're the one with such a problem with her YOU call DCS. People like you that have problems with someone and then try to enlist everybody else to do your dirty work are coward's. And you come off as a snob with this whole "our neighborhood" thing. You got a problem with something do something about it yourself.
posted on Aug 29 2019 08:38:35 PM

Doesn't matter what community this bit** lives in she will steal from anyone. She is a known thief so dont send her back to the projects we dont want her here keep her lmafo
posted on Sep 10 2019 09:02:33 AM

She used to steal from her own family, not just yard stuff, but money. Con artist, scam artist, not wanting to live in reality, she’ll say anything to anyone. I’d say that Laura won’t only steal but she’s dangerous, after reading another post about her on this website, about her being a stalker. She kidnapped my kids from me in 2008, her and her husband. Haley and Ava. Crazy.
posted on Dec 05 2020 09:13:45 AM

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