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Gloats about how many people she put in jail. She even put a man in jail for something she did. I cant believe she has gotten away with that. How? She flat out gets paid by police every Friday to give them info. Then claims to be a good mom the rest of the time. Girl burned her own car just so she can get on the news to get a new one. I was wondering how she got away with it.
Category: Shoutout Added: 2019-04-04 22:56:51 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: AZ City: Maricopa, Phoenix ZIP: 85031

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Police informent/snitch


Oh sh** I remember that lol she was on the news and everything she and her husband had another car they sold the very next day too. They were having car trouble for a while, but to burn your own car down and sell the other one just to get a new car is psycho. Scamming the public for a free car smh
posted on Apr 16 2019 08:59:58 AM

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