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She is a snitch a lier a cheat 2 faced cu** she loves to fu** married men she has been known to have more than two or three STDs. She will Robb you blind she is on paperwork she will talk so fast to get herself out of trouble. She has helped to put more than 5 guys in prison don't truth her at all.and she will call dhs on a person
Category: Problem Added: 2018-03-30 02:01:58 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: IA City: Clarinda, council bluffs, omaha

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The world's nightmare


This is all a lie. None of these things said are true. It is malicious gossip coming from a jealous ignorant uneducated troublemaker who is not happy with her life abd has nothing better to do but try and destroy other peoples lives becsuse she cant fix her own life because she is the one destroying it herself. I have known Lacey since she was a young girl and she has never done or been any of those things. If I find you I will make sorry for being so worthless to do such a rotten thing to a person so nice and generous as she truly is.
posted on Apr 15 2019 06:38:06 AM

Dann name should not be on here obviously this site is a joke to .We needs facts not opinions and thanks for having my back whoever you are....
posted on Apr 26 2019 11:14:00 PM

The person that wrote the original post saaying all these lies about Lacey was none other than POLLY GREENE. She is a jealous bit** who blames her for all her problems when Lacey never did one single thing to her. She has caused all her problems by herself because she is an angry drunk bit** that bitc*** 24/7. She made up all these lies hoping to destroy her and the funny thing about it is it never hurt her at all because everyone knows her better than that and knows it was all lies. So Polly you wasted your time writing all these lies. FACT
posted on May 06 2019 12:17:03 PM

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