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Kyle Cavalier

Snitch Subject: Thief and pill head

He steals and has a bad Xanax problem. Works at that chicken tender place, zaxby’s. He is known for getting comfortable with his co-workers and then robbing from them when he knows he is about to quit or is about to point out and be fired. He use to work at Raising Canes. This is a warning. He has blond hair/blue eyes...He looks like one of those boy band members from Hollywood who get molested by the execs.... He has that douche, old navy wearing fuckboy vibes...He is on Facebook. He has a odd incestous default picture with his.... brunette sister. *gags*
Category: Fraud Added: 2017-12-03 14:55:59 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: MS City: Gulfport

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Thief and pill head


His old boss Aileen is married to the head undercover narc for Harrison county. I’m pretty sure she knows and has told her husband. If he’s robbing from co-workers he’s a dead man walking. Word on the street a ex employee he stole from busted his windows out his vehicle because he was too scared to fight. He had that window busted out for over 6 months.. “easy fix” my as*.
posted on Dec 03 2017 03:56:06 PM

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