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A friend went to do a deal with him, ky wanted a small amount of black and clear, when he shiwed up he got a weird vibe. House in a gated community and was completly without furniture besides a bed, computer station, and workout bench. When he arrived, Ky had many grams of heroin and speed, so why was he buying one point each? Things got progressively more awkward, so friend left quickly. A few months later, friend went to meet ky again, went to wrong gas station. Saw cops racing down the road, a few minutes later friend got a text from Ky saying along the lines of "You idiot, you are fuc***. Didnt you think that that's not a real name that's my CI name." Something like that, Ky thinking my friend had been busted but little did he know my friend showed up at wrong gas station. A fewyears back Ky was on the news w a friend for attempting to rob a pharmacy. His accomplice was still in jail, Ky was not. I suspect this is when he flipped.
Category: Shoutout Added: 2017-03-26 00:47:30 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: ID City: Boise

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Police Informant CI


This is pretty funny, literally none of t his happened why would a CI say they were a CI it negates the entire premise "confidential" ya know. You're friend michael Straley, actually did try to pin his robbery on me and say I made him do it. The difference be tween me and you is....i actually have paperwork. Check your sources, or you'll get checked. You obviously know who I am hmu if you wanna straighten this out.
posted on Jun 04 2017 12:59:51 PM

I don't know a Michael Straley, if that's who you got busted with..? Just putting out there what I heard, from the source, someone I've known my whole life. Why someone would send a text like that, I have no clue.
posted on Aug 30 2017 01:18:05 AM

As for paperwork, check out the Idaho Repository. Your paperwork is there
posted on Aug 30 2017 01:54:58 AM

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