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Kim Dutton

Snitch Subject: Narcotics

She becomes your friend and then delivers you to the undercover officer. 5 people are night now in canyon county jail from her. She gets to stay high and eliminates her competition. Has many aliases. last name Dutton, Galtrow, Hill, Gastreauxm, Merrill. Her rap sheet is 30+ pages long for each name. When are the police going to stop allowing her to get away with crimes. She needs to be stopped, other by the police or the streets.
Category: Shoutout Added: 2014-02-20 00:43:20 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: ID City: Caldwell ZIP: 83605

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Not to sure if shes a rat but ill keep doing business with her. I tryed a bunch of times to fu** her and she always just says shed rather pay cash. God i wish she was a who**. Ive fuc*** everyone of you little bag bitc*** and this bit** wont give it up. Just saying.........
posted on Sep 23 2018 04:38:57 PM

What the fu** is this billshit. All those names are wrobg. Her alias s are dutton maiden name and gautreaux 1st husband and hill second husband thats it. Shes lived in canyon county the whole time and been here fron interstate compact in 2005. Period you uninformed jealous pieces of work. Focus on real sh**
posted on Sep 23 2018 04:44:54 PM

She is a lying fat cu** for sure. She likes to show her jealousy of others by posting sh** on here about people she is jealous of cuz she stomps her feet and throws a tantrum—- are you mad Kim?? Poor baby. Your words have no effect on me nor will your opinion of me ever matter. Maybe you should quit cheating on your boyfriend and fu** him instead of other people’s boyfriends or every dude you can score salt from. Watch out salt dealers she is coming for you With her legs spread open wide!!!
posted on Nov 16 2019 08:16:42 AM

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