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This woman is a bag who** that turns you in to her "family friend" chuck gentry which is a undercover cop for canyon county.. She is a narc and her bad karma got her herpes.
Category: Shoutout Added: 2014-03-10 20:16:03 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: ID City: caldwell

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ouch.... Well at least kim now you don't have to be afraid to tell people what you do for a living and how you are always high... you... you fuk for chuck... hahaha both of you can go to hell.
posted on Mar 10 2014 08:18:44 PM

Wow you sorry fu***** fools. Let me guess either ur a rat bastard yourself or you dont even know Kim. One, if she had anything crusty like an std then i to would have it by now so that is bullshit. And family friend a cop, probably her step mom and uncle were deputies and uncle is swat. Chuck ????? Never heard of him. Rat noway ive been in these situations with her. Oh and who**. Lol really dont have a clue do you. Shes a classy respectful bomb piece and very hard to get... so talk trash on someone you know or sign your sh** talking name to your comments. Chicken sh** lying jealous fuc**. Lol get a life
posted on Nov 04 2015 10:52:09 PM

Kims a fu***** ratt bit**
posted on May 19 2018 07:27:45 PM

Ive been in this Valley for 45 yrs and ive always done what we do for a living. When i met this chick i heard some sh** and spent a couple years looking into her. No way possible shes a rat. If she was id be in prison for sure. People pay attention to whi you hear sh** from and even better if you know Kim or whoever people are talking about then you know if shes even capable of it. This ones not a fu***** tat bit** but can be a bit** for sure.
posted on Sep 23 2018 04:34:08 PM

I know for a fact she is rat so say as want kim cause we all no ur the one replying to these so everyone already knows ur a bag hoe a fat one also dumb bit** rot in hell cop scum bag
posted on Jun 07 2019 04:29:12 PM

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