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She makes a habit of going after married men at her work. I know of at least two instances, though there are probably more. She's a homewrecker who attempts to get men to leave their wives. Nasty ska**.
Category: Adultery Added: 2019-02-20 03:44:10 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: WV City: Falling Waters

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Homewrecking Ska**


Truth! She went after my husband too! Trash!
posted on Feb 27 2019 09:31:54 AM

I wonder if you're the other one I heard about or if there's even more. She's tried to sleep with just about every man at the jail
posted on Feb 27 2019 01:41:47 PM

If any other wives of the men she's gone after happen to come across this and want to compare notes, timelines, vent, etc. send me an email at kimdunnisawhore at gmail dot com. I'm completely serious. My husband still thinks that she really loves him, but they just aren't compatible because their lifestyles are too different for the long-term.
posted on Feb 27 2019 10:39:15 PM

I'm really sorry that you are going through this. She's been doing this for years! Don't get me wrong, the husbands are not innocent in any way, but you would think she would have some remorse after the first family she ruined. Then again, she tore her own family apart. She has no heart. My only prayer is the warden finds out and boots her butt out of the jail. Someone with no morals working at a prison is just about as bad as it gets.
posted on Feb 28 2019 06:38:36 AM

Not sure if you'll see this, but to the wife who I had been chatting with about our shared experience, I tried to email you back this morning. It keeps bouncing back as undeliverable. If you wanted to keep talking about things (I had hoped to) please send me another email. If you worried about anonymity, please know that I would never say anything and had assumed the name from your email was an alias.
posted on Mar 14 2019 06:23:05 AM

Why aren't you posting the names of your husbands that cheated on you with her? THEY are the ones who made a commitment to you and betrayed you. It takes two to tango so unfortunately if you can't trust your husbands you can rest assured there will be more "home wrecking skanks". If your men were trustworthy you wouldn't have to worry about any woman. Unfortunate truth. I've yet to find a trustworthy man and I'm 50. Lol In my opinion the words "trustworthy" and "man" are a contradiction in terms. They don't exist together.
posted on Mar 15 2019 06:14:09 PM

How do you know that we haven't posted them elsewhere or found other means of "revenge", for lack of a better term? In my case, this is the only time in our marriage that my spouse has strayed. Of course I blame him for his betrayal! That doesn't change the fact that Kim pursues married men intentionally, has done so many times, and is nothing but a white-trash who** who has straight up said to men she doesn't mind being the "other woman".
posted on Mar 16 2019 09:35:19 PM

Im just saying there will ALWAYS be "other women" so maybe the problem isnt all of them so much as it is your spouse. After all HE'S the one whos married. Do you want to spend all your time trying to prevent every woman from doing something they shouldn't or do you focus on why your partner, who made a commitment to YOU, wasn't able to keep his word. You either spend your life policing every woman that hits on your husband or you trust your husband but you cant do both. If you truly trusted him you wouldn't have to waste your time on all the women. And I know you didn't post his name because its clear who you believe deserves the public shaming. You're going to have your work cut out for you trying to make sure no women come near him and then waging war on the ones who successfully lure him into cheating. What a waste of your time and energy. Im sorry you have to do that.
posted on Mar 16 2019 10:32:45 PM

And just so you know I was cheated om once as well so I know all too well how it can occupy your mind. But if you're on here posting about the woman he chested with then you're letting her live rent free in your head. Don't waste your time on her, its not worth it and if you were secure in your marriage you wouldn't feel the need to. Its really none of your concern what some woman is doing. You're focusing on the wrong person/people here.
posted on Mar 16 2019 10:55:03 PM

Ugh, this stupid who** doesn't know when to quit. She's going to mess with the wrong wife one day. Word has gone around the prison and all the guys know what an easy slore she is. They trade stories and then laugh while a new one calls her up to try her out. I hope they're all at least bagging it up because god only knows what she's picked up by now.
posted on Apr 09 2019 09:44:30 PM

Nothing screws up a good insult like typos. Lol
posted on May 04 2019 12:29:39 AM

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