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she likes the dope and will turn anyone over to the cops so they let her keep doing her dope while she lets others take the fall...
posted on Jul 31 2010 12:16:17 PM

It's pretty bad when peoplw will talk sh** about someone just cause they are upset or whatever the reason, KATIE is not a snitch I know this for fact but I also know who posted the lie, and you are the one who needs to just cut the crap already before i spill to everyone your address and let them know who you are and i don't think your son likes you smoking that dope with him around so shut up and stop spreading lies , Katie is not a snitch nice try though juanesia u dumb bimbo
posted on Sep 27 2010 06:52:34 PM

To Catherine Ball... I realize your post is dated, but whoever started this post was referring to someone other than you. I've somewhat been acquainted to people in both your circles, and remember there being confusion due to Katie Cole supposed use of different names. For what it's worth, I admire your spirit and well written ability to express yourself. I remember being taken by how well you expressed yourself in your blog on another site and was drawn to follow your updates for a short while. As far as the subject of this 'snitch', I personally know of one of her manipulative endeavors where she allegedly charmed my friend into loaning her upwards of ($800) when he fell for her sob story about how she and her 5 children including special needs child were to be homeless should she not be able to come up with rent... Whether true or false, I deducted her sad story to be false for I remember at that time she maintained a high profile presence in the circles and wasn't interested in hearing about legitimate means to secure a solution in the interest of her children's welfare. She was deep in the mix. Sad to watch for she very capable of being a beautiful content woman/mother. I haven't seen or heard her mentioned at all in the past year, but after my last contact I would hear many distressing reports of her activities which placed her in the hot seat... That seat who's occupants you'd be prudent to steer clear of and who's actions and words can be found to conflict by those who are mindful to remain safe rather than sorry. My friend was a truly weak, selectively blind sucker when it came to being played by young attractive females who are keen to taking full advantage of any opportunity), and when I met his aquaintence he had that reputation. He is a nice guy and I lectured him countless times over the past two years and am happy to state that I can begin to relax with the confidence that the perpetual losses that he has sustained prior and since the time I came on scene has finally hit home because he appears to have stablized his life through the recognition and appreciation of the fact that true friends usually resist such far reaching imposition upon another's trust and generosity, and definately do not avoid being contacted by disappearing along with their unfulfilled promises that they made on their skin or the skin of their children whom they neglect anyways... I don't know what ever happened to Katie Cole, but I must not forget to say that I have never personally experienced any negative transgression with her, or have ever been in a position to be open to it. I hope she has been improving her status towards a secure and satisfactory stable life where she will feel content and happy and committed to being an effective and loving mother for all of her children and herself. Her past enviorment and circles obviously would have taken her in the opposite direction. Anyhow, I just discovered this site and shall close my review of 'snitch' # 2, and go onto reading the #3 listing subjecting a resident of Lamepuke... (Two read. Two I've been aquainted... Hope I don't come to see my name posted... I've been the target of many character assasinations because of my character to recognize and derive frightenly accurate deductions of what lies beyond the mask of a masquerader...) Peace to you and a speedy self-destruction and dysfuntion to the evil liars and haters who are the self-absorbed and selfish manipulators..!
posted on Dec 06 2010 03:18:21 AM

dont hate her because you aint her..... Katie's doin the damn thing so quit hatin just cuz u aint got it like she does.... u go Katie do ur thing.
posted on Jan 27 2011 11:02:48 PM

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