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Kasey Sheets

Snitch Subject: Running like a fiend & recording folks

Yup, yup. Ole Kasey Sheets is back to the same ole tricks but this time he gotta really set some big folks up. Got valuables? Hide dem. He about to roll on a knee of folk to get his withered up ska** as* out of a crack again. His girl just did & he found a new one who just came into a jackpot. He ready to get out & is gonna sell your as* to do it. Him and ole no chin fake teeth is about to start setting em all up & reds out the door. Her daddy will make sure she don’t go down, but kasey ain’t got a pot to piss in and she ain’t wasting a dime on him. She just getting high & living the lie. Watch out folks she’s back & he’s a twig so it is a matter of time b4 these fools gonna rat out you
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Running like a fiend & recording folks

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