Not going to vent too long..Just had to address this non singing, duck mouf gal. First off, it will never be too hard to find babygirl on campus. Knocked kneed than a mothafucka, a nasty greasy BLACK stain on the back of her neck...Just follow the odor of day old taco meat and you will run across her. Typical hoodroach, right?Well...her clique is rather small...well nothing is small about her. So I would be telling a lie. You probably won't see her with any friends since they all graduated before her, ol' Remedial math taking bit**. Lets not even get on how the bish failed REMEDIAL Math, 3X.... lol *side eye* Did I mention, she's a scary bish too? Won't blink wrong if you come in her path when she is ALONE, but chileee (let one of her lil bull dagger friends be there with her, hoe gets courage TRUE STORY.) regardless what you have to say you will always be shaped like a Buick and suffer from the disease noassatall. Have fun having a stroke or massive heart attack at 28 you pork n bean eating nappy rooted mutt. *drops mic* PS--Stop sucking your damn thumb, smh @ grown folks that still do that sh**. Do you realize your teeth look like you chew on bricks gul? Chile BYEEEE

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