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Kyenti Omari aka Michael Black is in the business of stalking my friend Stephen Williams. We have seen him and his friend Kevin Murdoch at least 20 times following us in the mall, street, road and most recently they stole his identity, made fake checks and cashed them in his name. They also tried to contact his lawyer and steal money coming to him from a carr accident settlement.... Kyenti Omari is a registered sex offender and actually raped my friend Stephen at age 9 using crystal meth. He also recently kidnapped one older teen and a young 8 years old and their mom cant find them. He is a well known child molester and has ratted my frienout on stealing from stores, also, lied to police to have him arrested, stolen his stuff and still stalks my friend Stephen Williams. His mother Seffire curses the molested buys with Obeah voodoo to make them addicted to him and his friend Zachs sexual desires and she is the one who watches them molest and then makes them work as prostitutes.... Most importantly, he takes the clean blood of the Black guys he meets and drains that blood and gives them AIDS blood as a project to keep the Hells Angels, Alpine Police Dept, Alpine Police Snitches, and Several wealthy whites alive in San Diego
Category: Fraud Added: 2015-09-08 13:18:15 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: CA City: Alpine ZIP: CA

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Kyenti Omari aka Michael Black


I HEARD ABOUT THIS GUY... HE WORKS WITH SOMEONE NAMED ALEX WENDE AND ROXANNE HAWKINS. THEY all protect child molesters in Sabn Diego. This guy Stephen is still being stalked but I think they found out that since that Kyentis mom Seffire Bajaa put a hit out on him...,. that Sigma Alphu Mus Sanjay Corres, Ramin Saketkhoo are still doing the stealing of the blood. Literally hundreds of Black men are attched to some mind reraing software and concurrently followed by LABCORP who waits until their hearts are stopped (using a Stanford university, "succabah" or new innvative pacemaker).. they make them pass oyut, take the blood, anmd sell it form up to 3K per unit. Some girl named Brittany who used to hang out with Harry Mercado, and his ex girl Den Maries fam ( I hear) all started stalking Streve's family because they got lots of cash using his name.... but it got out of control, numerous San Diego Black men going to the hospital with what feels like a heart attack .... and lately lots of blood in the stool. They say the Hells ANgels are making meth in Black people to combat the Mexican monopoly oin the meth trade. ROSS WENDE, BRITTANY, and ERIC MCCAIN, KEITH MAYFIELD OFM ITHACA NY, ERIC YEE of SIGMA ALPHA MU , HINDA HSU, and MANY OTHER GATHERED TOGETHER TO BLEED HIS FAMILY AND WENT ON TO BLEED CA AND ATLANTA BLACKS because so many white men adn women supposedly felt that Blacks gave them HIV. I dont buy this. I few people got greedy and OLIVER NEJAD OF HLN hated Stephen in college and had a vendetta against him as well. Thats why he hired SAnjay Correa and Byron Stead to snitch on his family. Theyve called them murders, said they committed mortage fraud and all the while, their have been 20+ murders and, Byron, Eric, and others have been covering up their responsibility for over 100 homes lost and theyve been avoiding prosecution by the FBI.....
posted on Jan 26 2016 06:30:36 PM

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