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Kacey Sheets

Snitch Subject: Rollin again

This weasel can’t stay outta trouble so now he’s slinging sh** & recording the deals. This old dude he fuc** with, Scott, Tripp & Michael Murfy better watch out cause he’s got a rich girl he’s conned & he is using her cash plus recordings he’s got of selling stolen sh** to set up RJ & Tripp & whoever else he can. He done got rid of Red & thinks he’s a big dog now, so all is lowlife motherfuckers better get smart cause we all going down if it will help Rick or keep him out. Look at him. I saw him at po this week & he is on the needle so bad it’s obvious, so you know his po knows. Back to the samo sh**. Kacey screwing his buds to keep his own as* on the streets. Why would he be airing everyone’s sh**? Cause he’s lookin for someone to point a finger at when he eats us all out. I’ve heard a recording of him & some female & he is for sure setting her up. Y’all beware & don’t say you weren’t warned.
Category: Advice Added: 2019-10-19 14:20:14 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: AR City: Pearcy

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Rollin again


No sh**, dude. Boyz been rollin like a zigzag for years now & doesn’t give a fu**. He tatted out his old lady. What do you expect. Worthless but they use him till they get they mark & he’s off to the state pen again.
posted on Nov 05 2019 01:48:44 PM

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