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This chick was rolled on twice by cops while under the influance of meth along with a known dealer both times she walked away free while the other person is in county jail Also the sister of the known snitch jeffrel mullaney
Category: Recommendation Added: 2013-10-02 12:23:35 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: CA City: Nipomo ZIP: 93444

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this needs to be removed i know the person who posted it and it was only to cause the said person above a bad rep nobody wants to be branded a snitch not in america anyway when snitches are hated especially when this info is not true
posted on Oct 13 2013 03:41:27 PM

Bwahaha she isnt a snitch but she does got heeeeerpeeees
posted on Oct 13 2013 03:52:50 PM

heres the rat she also sleeps with men for money https://www.facebook.com/jeweligan.hansen
posted on Oct 18 2013 05:47:56 PM

Head over 2 boon docks bar in banning look for a chick behind the bar full of ink dressed like a sl** new town new people new lies but she will take cash for sexual favors but enter at ur own risks she has alot of stds an doesnt tell people she sleeps with
posted on Oct 20 2013 08:48:48 AM

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