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Joshua Andrew Snyder

Snitch Subject: Lier con artist

Joshua Andrew Snyder has played many people out of there money to feed his addiction. No luck in civil court he will just Lie. He has already lie in civil court. He will say he received a lot less in money from you.
Category: Advice Added: 2020-05-06 20:30:30 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: PA City: Greensburg ZIP: 15601

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Lier con artist


This person is devoid of emotion, empathy, conscience, humanity. I care little of the money I’d given, after falling for his schemes... I care if I breathe, and so does josh. Click off the ‘gifts’ or the charity, or it off and he won’t stick around even for curiosity’s sake. A sad and selfish young man.
posted on May 22 2020 06:21:27 PM

I hope how ever posted this say the other comments and contacted state police to file a complaint or report troop A Greensburg, pa and Detective William Brown from Westmoreland county detective thanks
posted on May 30 2020 09:31:11 AM

File a civil suit at least it post on his record to keep a log
posted on May 30 2020 09:53:16 AM

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