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Joshua A Snyder

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Beware! Do not give this man money, he is a cheap con artist and drug addict that will say anything and tell any lie to steal your money. Active warrants for drug possession in Westmoreland co
Category: Wanted Added: 2020-04-21 11:57:33 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: PA City: Greensburg

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He has stolen lie to me and many men Joshua Andrew Snyder 26-27 from greensburg pa. Detective Brown from westmoreland county detective service contact him if u been affective by him
posted on May 06 2020 08:05:20 PM

He had stolen lied to a guy name mark and Aj also been affected by him please call Troop A greensburg state police if u been affected buy this guy.
posted on May 06 2020 08:11:09 PM

Also call Westmoreland county Sheriff department with any phone numbers and addresses and locations you took this guy.
posted on May 09 2020 01:35:39 PM

MJ-10210-CV-0000130-2019 MDJ-10-2-10 Fiano, Mark Allen v. Snyder, Joshua Andrew 08/20/2019 Westmoreland Closed Snyder, Joshua Andrew Preview Docket Sheet for docket number MJ-10301-CV-0000060-2019 MJ-10301-CV-0000060-2019 MDJ-10-3-01 YONISH, LARRY v. SNYDER, JOSHUA ANDREW 06/07/2019 Westmoreland Closed SNYDER, JOSHUA ANDREW Two cases of magistrate that where close and never won from his lies and games
posted on May 09 2020 01:39:54 PM

William Brown Westmoreland county District Attorney 724-830-3265
posted on May 10 2020 12:38:04 PM

The guy doesn't have a regular job and can't afford to pay you back DON"T/
posted on May 29 2020 02:46:51 PM

Please file a civil suit also so it can keep a log on his record thanks
posted on May 30 2020 09:55:10 AM

I hope this site spares even just one person the internal trauma I did with this person. At one point, afraid for myself from myself the way my head had been messed with.
posted on May 30 2020 05:23:21 PM

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