jose diaz - he raped a goat and hes wanted by the dea for sucking co** in water st and snitch on a hooker

jose baez or diaz but it baez he is half rican and domincan but he said hes rican and he is not he is a platain he snitch on his cousin u got to be careful with him he drive a white civic his from mounjoy and his gay to

learn How to Read and Write u got a diploma for nothing... Your dumb as* sh** cant even spell lil words lmao
2011-06-02 12:19:48
i know that nig** jose that nig*** real as sh** and he got hammers on deck... u can tell who ever wrote this hates on him hardbody
2011-06-02 12:25:50
i got a platano and u got a salchicha!
2011-06-02 12:27:07

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