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Informant for Shelby county and DeSoto county PD. He is a heroin junkie loser who will steal or use anyone for his drugs. Currently in the Seattle area. His own family will have nothing to do with him since he has threatened to ki** several of them. Also according to his sister he tried to mess around with a minor male cousin.
Category: Advice Added: 2019-06-09 22:58:34 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: WA City: seattle

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Snitch bit**

posted on Jun 09 2019 11:00:44 PM
posted on Jun 09 2019 11:02:02 PM
posted on Jun 09 2019 11:03:46 PM

Good lookin' out, sounds like a typical sorry as* CI scumbag, and a rape-o snake thief chimo maggot that the PDs and SBI are proud to have among their ranks. Hopefully he's 206 ft deep sooner than later. I definitely need to air out some of these scumbags' names and info, and their enablers and "friends", there are far too many who have been doing this sh** far too long and given way too much leeway. I have some important contributions I'm obligated to submit. Be safe There is another newer National snitch/undercover/CI exposure database called "Golden Snitch" I believe that has video and optional photo submission. There are profiles searchable by name, location and category of rat trash, it's a bit more thorough and user-friendly
posted on Jun 10 2019 02:18:51 AM

Chase Burcham is in Memphis, TN.
posted on Jun 14 2019 10:06:30 PM

posted on Jul 20 2019 06:17:18 PM

Current phone number: 901-267-7005 Will be at 201 Poplar on August 26th at 8am. Will be in a grey 2013 Honda Accord.
posted on Aug 04 2019 02:52:24 PM

sounds like somebody mad they stole some drugs from the hospital and got caught then they callin dude a junkie lol smh miss me with that bullshit
posted on Oct 02 2019 01:07:26 AM

snitchin on a snitch dont be mad u got caught stealin from the hosp boo
posted on Oct 02 2019 01:08:32 AM

The best part is dood never denied anything lol! Hi John.
posted on Oct 03 2019 10:08:56 PM
posted on Oct 10 2019 11:43:32 AM

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