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Jimmy is a confidential informant he sells meth in wright county and when he gets in debt with his dealer he gets them busted to clear his debt. Hes a shitty dad and a woman beater. If u want herpes hes your guy
Category: Complaint Added: 2017-05-14 06:49:43 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: IA City: eagle grove ZIP: 50533

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5152934043 5158517812 call this rat out heres his number
posted on May 14 2017 04:01:39 PM

Anyone who knows jimmy knows the truth about him he cant read or write so dont worry he wont understand this. His wife left him because he nearly killed her by choking her trying to get the truth out of her making her admitt to,fucking chad traeger. Jimmy signed his rightts over to,his own kids because hes a bad dad n sleeps with minors. I had to stop hhim from pimping his own kids out to clear his debts thats how low he is.ive got lots of physical evidence on jimmy n id love to share it all.should have seen him cry when he got hit by a truck screaming for crystal but she was to busy with mike hanus n didnt care if jimmy was dead or alive n i dont blame her i feel bad for all the pain hes caused her shes only withhim because he makesher stay n threatens to call dhs on her like the snitch he is. We got u jimmy wait n c n dont worry we will take care of your gf n ur ex wife n kids we spend alot of time with them already
posted on May 15 2017 04:39:38 PM

I might not have been the best father considering dhs took my kids 4 times what can i say im an addict. We all make mistakes. I didnt mean to burn your store to the ground greg i was pissed off at nate and me and joey were drunk that night when i lit the fire. I should have stayed there n burned to death for all the hell ive put my kids through and all the crap ive done to hurt crystal like sleeping with leslie, amber, tracey, jamie, kelly boyd, kelsey sande, and a few others i cant name because my family will be very upset with me. I had a baby boy recently that only myself and the mother know about i just want to come clean n get all this weight off my shoulders i cant let this secret go public ill have to figure out how to tell my buddy that his son might be mine. Im no snitch tho thats casey thuls job, sorry nate for lieing about you being a snitch your a good friend i miss havin you arround
posted on May 16 2017 12:59:12 AM

Lol and he doesn't know when someone says they don't want him. What that actually means. He just threatens dhs. So they will stay. He isn't a good man and will tell on you if you make him mad. In order for anyone to actually get away from him they have to move.
posted on Jun 11 2017 08:26:53 AM

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