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Jimmie Johnson

Snitch Subject: Passing hiv/engaging in sex with minors

The man is positive and does not inform them and rips the top off of condoms as well. He also seeks out young boys with an older man using drugs as bate. In the downtown area two young guys said they where 16 when he was almost 40.
Category: Crime Added: 2017-12-01 04:35:41 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: CA City: Sacramento ZIP: 95838

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Passing hiv/engaging in sex with minors


Seems like the same guy that goes by Jake or Jay in the Del Paso Heights area and Antelope off Morning Skye Way. Yep a real bag how.
posted on Dec 03 2017 07:15:11 PM

Dude never talks about himself or nothing. I thought he was strange but that makes it clear. Homie is passing on a disease and playing with little boys. Must be with that white old dirty shitting white dude in Antelope he loves for his bag of dope. Beat his as*!!!! Mother fuc*** and his fat as* faggit friend and old smelly shitting white dude as well!!!!
posted on Dec 04 2017 10:16:24 PM

Yep, dude is off May and Grand. He now is going around with a red scooter. Dl my as*. He just is spreading disease in our community. I've seen him get too friendly with under age boys. Like the guy next door but blows it off if you ask or just says he has a nice as*. Fool for not ask the boy instead. Something needs to be done.
posted on Dec 21 2017 11:14:43 AM

Scuz bucket
posted on Dec 31 2017 08:11:06 PM

He is a druggy as well. He is a disgrace to black men. He is controlled by some 65+ old white man for dope. This old white dude talks down to black men and thinks we are stupid and have no option . Yet, he loves bbc. I thought we where free from slavery. Sad case and needs to be in iail.
posted on Jan 06 2018 02:59:41 AM

Man it seems this cat is dangerous. I looked up his criminal record and he's had possession of a gun and started firing it off. Now if that doesn't seem like someone who is mentally in his right state of mind. He needs to be locked away in confidment. Sure example of why we shouldn't let the mentally I'll have rights. Our lives and children are in danger as they roam around free.
posted on Apr 09 2018 06:56:04 PM

Just ready this. Man goes by Russell as well but it's old Jimmie Johnson on may st for sure. He been a problem child all his life and he's an old man with a brain of a kid. Sorry fella who smokes all day long on that glass pipe and sells his as* for dope. Everyone in the heights had that wide hole. Loves to get fuc***. Nympho
posted on Jul 30 2018 02:17:21 AM

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