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Jillian SlurpyDogPussy Quist

Snitch Subject: Cheating with Dogs and Criminally prosecuted!

STAY AWAY STAY PLUM CLEAR AWAY!! Fraud!! Liar!! Scammer!! Abuser!! Cheater!! Manipulator!! Sex offender of K-9 Dogs!! And just plain OLD AN ALL AROUND—ULTIMATE BULLY!! Jillian Jones is her Maiden name and attended San Juan Highschool 2003. Her married name is Jillian Quist and in the Escort/Prostitution arena she is known as Vanna Sweets or Vanna Vit or Vanna The White. She presently resides in Roseville and supposedly there is K9 activity at her house per the people in the neighborhood. I’ve seen several reports of there being excessive K9 activity at her residence and this is relevant because she recently was convicted of Bestiality in Sacramento County because of her affinity towards engaging in sexual behaviors with K9 Dogs. There is great concern about the young infant child in her care and if she is engaging in sexual activities with K9 Dogs then it needs to be reported to the Authorities . She is presently on probation and has a stay away order for no dog contact and she was on home arrest recently and she did have K9 Dog activity and posted ads for K9 Dogs and videos for request for sexual activities with Dogs And this was posted and several K9 Dogs made their way to Sharp Circle to have Knotty and Ruff sexual relations with the Slurpy DogPussy BestialityBitchJillianQuist. Recently she forged a signature of a pink slip for an vehicle DMV transfer and signed the pink slip over to her name and she has committed several acts of theft and receiving stolen goods and these have been recently reported to the proper authorities and with that and the fact that bestiality activity has taken place while she was on home arrest Not only sexual intercourse with the K9 dogs but activities relating to, talking and engaging and posting sexual ads Or any kind of communication bantering or sexual communication regarding dogs which is a direct violation of her probation whether she had sexual contact or not with said K9 Dogs an arrest warrant may be issued shortly as she has violated probation and there is sufficient evidence that this activity has taken place to violate her and get the #K9KatcherNsac off the streets and allow all of our Fury Friends to rome around and be free of having to worry abt a #ZoophiliaMongerJillianQuist . Additionally there is concern that she could be committing acts of pedophilic behaviors or into some kinky sexual practices that are considered to be a sexual deviant and those need to be looked into further as she has a propensity to have sexual talk regarding her daughters while having sexual intercourse and in the act of sexual activities. Be on the alert and Please Community stay safe and in particular please keep an eye on your pets in particular canine dogs as that would be her choice for engaging in #SubHumanSpeciesSexJillianQuist sexual relations. And if that wasn’t enough Jillian left her fiancée and new born son and said she really only desires DogDick and in order to see if that was really and truly what she wanted she would have to have a monogamous relationship with canine dogs so she said she’s going to give it a full attempt and effort into having relationships just with canine dogs and see if her feelings are correct in terms of having relations with dogs and only sub human species. Now if that isn’t some bullshit I don’t know what is!! I don’t know a lot but I can tell you this this girls been fuc*** too hard by dogs and got too much dog di** or maybe she has graduated to horse di** and no one knows because she’s done bumped her head too many times that’s too far out she’s throwing away three kids to live a life of sub human species!! Just google her name and you will see her bestiality porn and everything- it’s far out!
Category: Adultery Added: 2019-11-15 01:11:53 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: CA City: Roseville ZIP: 95678

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Cheating with Dogs and Criminally prosecuted!


Holy sh** this is too much! I went and took a leak around the web and this Jillian Quist lady is the most despicable human being I’ve come across in a long long while . It’s indeed true that she was criminally prosecuted for having sexual relations with a dog or dogs and whatever the case may be but Have you seen the things she says about her two girls during sex on video those are her girls she should protect them and she just throws their names out there like it’s nothing to me that’s the most mind-boggling and blowing thing of this whole thing but yeah she’s a disgrace and put the shame on humanity and mankind. I mean seriously she just throws it out there face fu***** her daughter This and that and her daughter getting throated her and there and getting in the as* pounded by daddy by whomever oh my I’m sorry girls I hope you never see these videos but by the looks of it with the amount of stuff I’ve seen out there it’s almost assured that you will come across at some point in your life I apologize And where is the father in a situation like this? Apparently by the looks of it he’s into this incest king daddy daughter role-play as well so it is bound to be a complete nightmare mess with these two girls. Prayers to the Family and the little ones in particular!! Ronny C.
posted on Nov 15 2019 01:43:17 AM

i watch porn all the time.. beast porn is everywhere and not illegal to watch... never seen any vids of this lady on the net till about 2 weeks ago.. looks like some butt hurt ex bf got dumped by her and hes posting private vids.. tbh none of the vids are even good. no sex no bj. no dirty talk.. dude is a retard. shes hot as fuk.. hes just jealous.. loser
posted on Nov 17 2019 08:57:18 PM

The ex bf is #stinkyboystinks #cuckoldquist He has a #realworthless one and #jillianquist said he molested his daughter several years back. You can see online he is a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER AND the website is below. I received a call from the 916-547-6631 and I did investigative work after hearing what I heard when that number called me. The caller kept saying over and over how do you like that di** in your mouth. how do you like that di** in your mouth how do you like that MaKenna how do you like that sissy? sissy you like to be throated by some real worthless tiny tiny di** come on step your game up Sissy Makenna can take daddys di** better than you can in your slutty who** mouth Sissy!! you’re only taking one of the 3 inches you need to take all 3 inches like MaKenna. That went on for about 10 minutes and then I heard little girls crying and they kept saying daddy daddy you hurt me I think you’ve ripped my hymen!! And then I heard a loud go fu** yourself you get up there and go fu** those dogs with your mother you know your mother can take the big di** in that big worthless pus** a woman’s pus** is not supposed to look like that go take that dog di** with her sissy and MaKenna you stay down here with daddy I wanna throat you because you can take all 3 inches baby sissy get up there fu** those dogs right now you fu***** SlurpyDoggySlut I’m going to fu** your hairless pus** later so be ready I can’t fu** your mother becuz her pus** got blown out with 2 much dog di** and Marcus and Marcell the same 2 friends of daddy’s who fuc*** you both last week when u filmed you while mommy was taking that dog di**. So upon digging some more I found out Ryan QUIST was awarded a very prestigious award in the Incest Daddy Daughter kink Sexual Deviant underground world of being named the GREAT HYMEN REMOVALIST. Ryan QUIST can Remove his Makenna and Allison Quists Hymen’s at a Professional pace and meet all AKA and Kennel Assoc Standard and Approved by the Board of IncestiousKinkerDinkers & MakennaAllison Certified w/ 100% Non Tear Rate w/ TinyTiny Worthless Cuckold Little One https://www.urbandictionary.com/author.php?author=TheLittleOneRyanQuist #RyanQuist #TinyTinyWorthless #CuckoldStinks #DaddyDaughterincestRolePlay #StinksQuist https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000509719255 https://reportthecall.com/916-547-6631 Instagram @rjq_916 https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-quist-9a0b3910a http://www.predatorswatch.com/california/ryan-jeffrey-quist/ www.predatorswatch.com › california Ryan Jeffrey Quist | PREDATORS WATCH Ryan Jeffrey Quist. Phone number: (916) 547-6631 Location: Sacramento Email: R.QuistThroatsMakennaAndSissy@gmail.com. Status Active Predator.
posted on Nov 21 2019 05:42:44 PM

Wtf really? She said that about Stinks? Yes and said it many times over and that's the situation with him being a convicted sex offender and Jillian as well as you can see she . Her is the link bit yeah both of them Ryan and Jillian QUIST are BOTH XONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS AS YOU VAM SEE. http://www.predatorswatch.com/california/https-www-linkedin-com-in-ryan-quist-9a0b3910a-https-madnessporn-com-user-knottyrufftimes-2304-https-www-pinterest-ch-jillianjns86-jillianjns86/ WOW. THINGS ARE LOOKING REAL BAD WWITH ALL THE INCESTUOUS KINK ROLEPLAY COMING OUT WITH Jill whoring out her daughter's pus** and mouth and saying how Ryan molested makenna and Allison. It's dripping out real nice and slow it seems but obviously something is there and sh** is going downnnnnn for sureee!!! I found this as well online. Jillian had asked Ryan if he would watch the girls there night and he went off on a diatribe how he's gonna do this and do that to their hymens etc etc but yeah a real weird dude that stinks guy is!!***Hell yeah im going to make both those lil cu* slurping Doggy slu** choke on daddy’s co** while I finger their tight puss*** and see if I can break the hymen open with my fingers since my fingers are 3 times bigger than my TinyTinyWorthless co** u know that and it doesn’t do anything for anybody when I fu** with my lil Worthless one!! Can’t even tear my girls Hymen’s open even though it’s just role play I’d like to make them scream and squirt a lil!! Will you Stinks? Tonight? Gave fu** both Kenna Mae and Sissy Allison!? Hot hot hot!! #RyanSTINKSquist LOVES LOVES Loves loves loves and absolutely loves to #FaceFuckMaKennaQuist and #AllisonQuist preferably together at the same time while mama #JillianQuist watches and is getting fuc*** by #Lucky or #Shannon or whichever however BUT #KNOT #Whenever BECUZ Jillian Quist needs that #SlurpyDogPussy stuffed and stretched ASAP.LIKE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!Look at that smile she is so happy that she has a #SlurpyDogPussy who cares abt being a good role model 4children she just cares that she has the #slurpiestDoggyPussyEverJillianQuist #LessonsForMakennANDallisonQUISTbyJILLIANquist @JillianQst #MakennaQuist #AllisonQuist #RyanQuist I love to play RUFF RUFF in bed and be really really KNOTTY KNOTTY and I Prefer DOGGY STYLE because it's so much RUFFER AND so so KNOTTY KNOTTY as I get tied up and I'm KNOTTY KNOTTED for as long as....Well ...HOURS and HOURS sometimes but it takes awhile to be pulled away when I'm being KNOTTY KNOTTY RUFF RUFF DOGGY STYLE AND I LOVE IT AS I CU* OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND SQUIRT ALL OVER AND AROUND AND DOWN THAT RED TIP LIPSTICK DI** AND ITS PURE ECSTACY FOR ME AND MY FRIEND. Im ready to play knotty knotty so let's play.#JillianQuist #KnottyRuffTime TWITTER @SlurpyDogPussy Humiliation role play daddy daughter is my absolute fav becuz I love to who** out my Daughter's mouths and dirty filthy fu** holes to their daddy Ryan Quist. Ryan is into being told he has a real tinytinyworthlesscock and us into #CuckoldRyanQuist so he can feel like a man and more than he really is if he is fu***** his own daughters and dominating them. I know I know #ryanQuist is a #RealWeirdDudeRyanStinksQuist
posted on Nov 21 2019 06:01:56 PM

Someone's in the middle of a meth binge. Jesus.
posted on Nov 23 2019 08:10:40 PM

No doubt about it. Meth meth meth. Fuk. Produce more content and less meth...nothing here really I wanna see dog di** in pus** or sucking dog di** not bullshit . Where those vids at?
posted on Nov 24 2019 05:32:51 PM

Hey tweaker boy where you at now? Sleeping and gettin yur rest after that long binge fest you on or what? You have any decent vids or just same lame boring repeat crap?
posted on Nov 24 2019 11:44:13 PM

Hey tweaker boy where you at now? Sleeping and gettin yur rest after that long binge fest you on or what? You have any decent vids or just same lame boring repeat crap?
posted on Nov 24 2019 11:44:25 PM

Hey meth boi. Come out and play yur fuc*** tweak twack games and post this and that and retreads and not having anything worth sh**. We all know it you tweaker boi. I mean the same lame as* stupid words yur lame retard... show decent vids if they exist if not kick rocks..the chcik is hot and obvi it’s tweaker Boi who she dumped and now she has guess what...ME! I’m the knew guy tweaker boi... you tucked up and now you get di** becuz yur a di**../same shut you post ...lame lame lame no good and nothing here for real
posted on Nov 25 2019 04:26:18 PM

The dummy that is posting all the stupid vids, the twiter accounts, escort bullshit.. all the same dummy boi. He is upset that jill dumped his cu** face and now he is using lame vids to revenge her. Aww porr thing.. nubby di** is upset LOL... dude.. Let me help you.. NOONE FUKING CARES! All we want to see is the beast vids... But since they dont exist, NOONE CARES... fuking tweaker... dumb muther fuc*** cant spell for sh**. cant speak right. obviously all jealous and sh** cause hotty jill left his lil punk bit** as*. LOL LOSER>
posted on Dec 11 2019 08:32:32 PM

Seriously you can call this number and schedule a time to bring your dog to fu** this Jillian Quist Jones broad! Fu***** crazy as all tin China! Jillian Quist Jones Bridges Inc. Dog Di** Addiction Therapist Sacramento CA LOVES DOG DI**! 916-450-0700. ALL MASTIFFS WELCOME! t looks like Ryan Quist the TastyJizzBomb is kind of lonely and he was posting and replying so we thought we would give him some attention and love. We like it when he needs attention because we continue to bring to the forefront his HymenRemovalist ways with MaKenna Quist and announcing Quist and his sexual deviant ways towards his daddy-daughter kink incest roleplay so please keep it up and let us know when you need some attention and we will give it to you now with this new attention you are now known as the #TheGreatForeSkinRemovalist and thank you Ryan Quist you have now come up with that with Jackson Quist and KinkBuster's is looking into matters so we will give him some attention over here at KinkBuster's where at KinkBusters we find and bust the people that are into the weird kinks daddy daughter son Daddy and all other kinks that are for the real weird types right now it's being looked into that Ryan Quist maybe and is more probable than not into Daddy son kink with Jackson Quist and it appears Jackson Quist it looks like there's a new game it's a foreskin game it's the Great ForSkin Removalist that's Ryan Quist he is the #TheGreatForSkinRemovalist and #TheGreatHymenRemovalist he has his new game #HymenAndSeek and he's quite the sexual deviant type and we do have people looking into him currently like I said it looks like he may be into a foreskin removalist type game like he is with MaKenna Quist and her hymen . reportedly it's just roleplay but we overhear kink busters have our doubts as we continue to monitor the situation we ask that all people remain in the neutral aggressive stay away from Ryan Quist as he's a real real weird dude
posted on Jun 06 2020 12:54:33 PM

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