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Jillian Quist

Snitch Subject: Neighbor committing acts of Bestiality next door to me!!

I live in Roseville California on Sharp circle and my next door neighbor is actively engaging in bestiality and it is very disturbing and not to mention noisy and it keeps me up late at night and it wakes me up early in the morning as when this lady Jillian Quist is in doggy heat she goes the absolute distance and will engage in Acts of bestiality pretty much constantly around the clock 24/7 for days and sometimes weeks at a time when she is in her active stage of doggy heat. I'm talking it gets nosiy as hell and when she is really active the dogs start howling and howling incessantly and it seems like the dogs only stop howling once they have used and abused and taken her to the absolute brink of annihilation and absolute wear her pus** out so much that it disintegrates and becomes slurpee dog pus** but these dogs take this neighbor bit** to the woodshed and pounded that worthless torn and tattered cu** 4 hours and hours and knot her all up and then and only then it seems like does the howling ever really cease as they just continuously howl and howl and never stop . please help me
Category: Abuse Added: 2020-01-20 10:40:49 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: CA City: Roseville ZIP: 95678

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Neighbor committing acts of Bestiality next door to me!!


Ok Charles Manson. Call 911 and request a protective leg bracelet for tracking yourself. A sane person would call animal control.
posted on Jan 21 2020 12:43:01 AM

this guy post sh** all over the place about her.. hes mad cause she left his dumb as*. hes the one in the vids. he owned the dog. .. what a dumb fukk smh
posted on Jan 25 2020 02:10:09 AM

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posted on Feb 15 2020 03:52:42 AM

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posted on Feb 15 2020 10:14:27 PM

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