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This lady is wrong in every way she fuc*** my man behind my back and I or We were letting her stay with us and she also had a threesome with my best friend and my husband while I was letting her sleep on my couch because she was homeless and No where to live. now I see that she’s resorted to sub human species namely dogs and horses well that’s very fitting for her becuz that’s where she deserves to be Except I feel bad for the animals that she sexually assaulting hopefully they’re not put out too bad or too much because I know she’s not the prettiest thing and On top of all she spoke all kinds of crap about me and told lies to my husband and my best friend so that caused all sorts of drama so I guess why would I expect she would treat me or respect me because she didn’t even respect your own daughters and those are her daughters so why would she respect me I guess I was foolish do you even think that I could help the lady out!! And yeah this would be in regards to this woman right here that I just saw posted all over!! Good for her!! https://www.pinterest.com/jillianquistthebestialitylover/incest-kink-roleplay-stinkstearshymen-in-roleplay-/
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Meth Monster Fuc*** My Man


This knack as* bit** is going down! She had this guys dog taken away because of her sexual assault case against a dog or shall I say dogs as there were multiple k-9s and she was convicted several months back. There is a 5 yr stay away order but there is evidence she is back at it presently in Roseville 281 Sharp Circle and having multiple encounters as there is video of her requesting and posting online and carrying in chat dialogue with guys and scheduling the encounters. That is all in violation of her probation. She has bestiality chats on the daily in the beast sites on dark web and she is known to go by #K9katchernsac or #KnottyRuffTimes or #slurpydogpussy and more recently because her sh** is so torn back torn up and torn away her newest handle has been #SLURPYHORSEPUSSY Convicted Sex Offender she is and so is her man #ryanQuist or #cuckoldstinks or #tinytinyworthless or many others. https://www.pinterest.com/jillianquistthebestialitylover/ https://www.reddit.com/r/IncestMemes/comments/e1iuze/httpszootube1comsearchqryanquist/ So much drama in the LBC why don’t SnOOP DOUBLE OO P COME AND JOIN ME!! As the world turns with the Hymen!! They are both posted and have profiles on the Zoophilia site and their daughters names all over everywhere. This was the convo between Ryan and Jillian Quist!! Both are Convicted Sex Offenders. Hell yeah im going to make both those lil cu* slurping Doggy slu** choke on daddy’s co** will j finger their tight phase and see if I can break the hymen open with my fingers since my fingers are 3 times bigger than my TinyTinyWorthless co** u know that and it doesn’t do anything for anybody when I fu** with my lil Worthless one!! Can’t even tear my girls Hymen’s open even though it’s just role play I’d like to make them scream and squirt a lil!! Will you Stinks? Tonight? Gave fu** both Kenna Mae and Sissy Allison!? Hot hot hot!! #RyanSTINKSquist LOVES LOVES Loves loves loves and absolutely loves to #FaceFuckMaKennaQuist and #AllisonQuist preferably together at the same time while mama #JillianQuist watches and is getting fuc*** by #Lucky or #Shannon or whichever however BUT #KNOT #Whenever BECUZ Jillian Quist needs that #SlurpyDogPussy stuffed and stretched ASAP.LIKE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!Look at that smile she is so happy that she has a #SlurpyDogPussy who cares abt being a good role model 4children she just cares that she has the #slurpiestDoggyPussyEverJillianQuist #LessonsForMakennANDallisonQUISTbyJILLIANquist @JillianQst #MakennaQuist #AllisonQuist #RyanQuist I love to play RUFF RUFF in bed and be really really KNOTTY KNOTTY and I Prefer DOGGY STYLE because it's so much RUFFER AND so so KNOTTY KNOTTY as I get tied up and I'm KNOTTY KNOTTED for as long as....Well ...HOURS and HOURS sometimes but it takes awhile to be pulled away when I'm being KNOTTY KNOTTY RUFF RUFF DOGGY STYLE AND I LOVE IT AS I CU* OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND SQUIRT ALL OVER AND AROUND AND DOWN THAT RED TIP LIPSTICK DI** AND ITS PURE ECSTACY FOR ME AND MY FRIEND. Im ready to play knotty knotty so let's play.#JillianQuist #KnottyRuffTime TWITTER @SlurpyDogPussy Humiliation role play daddy daughter is my absolute fav becuz I love to who** out my Daughter's mouths and dirty filthy fu** holes to their daddy Ryan Quist. Ryan is into being told he has a real tinytinyworthlesscock and us into #CuckoldRyanQuist so he can feel like a man and more than he really is if he is fu***** his own daughters and dominating them. I know I know #ryanQuist is a #RealWeirdDudeRyanStinksQuist When you have children you can’t be Mickey Mouse kind of recordings and throw names out there so if somebody gets a hold of it there’s no doubt there’s no doubt there is no doubt who you were talking about it’s definitely Makenna and Allison Quist and it’s the mother deciding to loan and who** out the girls mouth and puss*** out while Ryan stinks gets their Hymen’s that’s not protecting your children that’s not protecting your children. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ddb0f2eafa42
posted on Nov 26 2019 01:20:04 AM

Original poster: I hate to point out the obvious but what does that say about your "husband"? Lol women are always on here posting negative bash fests about the other woman but its your men that you should be concerned about. THEYRE the ones who had a commitment to you, not her. Think about that. Besides if they cheat once you can count on it happening again. So if youre choosing to stay with these yahoos maybe you better make him wear a condom from now on so you dont catch it from their super classy side chicks or get used to posting about all the skanks. Lol yuk.
posted on Nov 26 2019 10:59:23 AM

I forgot who the original poster is now! Fuxk I’m shot out twacked out method out and damn near I’m j find my gun I’m goin on a rage out for real!! Tired of this crap. After 2 more rounds humanity is gonna be fried forever and all hymen will be rilpped away and unable to be Cauterized. This is no joke. I just spent 2200 it guy today so I’ll have own website portal and the world is gonna melt away. \stay tuned as the fuckery turns and the girls get their Hymen’s completely and they grow up faster than ever thought possible as they sucking dog di** with Aylin Ezra Bayramoglu And Simon pimps both who*** mouths out and then fuc** #makennamae so hard that #Allisonquist cry’s and it’s so loud it sounds like a fakefake but Daddy knows it’s real so he tells #sissyAllison to #getdownonit and #givemethoseeyes and #brendachapmanfasolo gets really horny and tells #stinks to fu** her pus** and try some mommy son play instead of Daddy daughter for once And Jillian is off nowhere to be found as she gets gangbanged by 14 mastiffs three bluenose six great Danes 4 German Shepherd’s and five TinyTiny mini mini chihuahuas. THE END
posted on Nov 26 2019 03:54:46 PM

Come on out and play tweaker boy! It’s no fun without you and your uplifting banter. Things going better now or you want more beast blasting becuz there is one site once the beast is on u can’t get it off!! Nearly impossible and may as well just call it a wrap. Becuz it never comes off....let me know what u want becuz if u don’t then I’m blasting beast but if u come play tweaker tweaker then I’ll do whatever I say to do becuz I’m just like what ever now the whole dealing rans it’s course and it looks like I’ll be moving very shortly out and gone so I’m pretty much over it but I’ll beast blast it for last hurrah if I don’t hear otherwise and what you want by sometime later today....good talk. Mmm852
posted on Nov 27 2019 06:45:34 AM

Ryan Quist is harassing and hiding behind names calling people tweaker boy and Fag and signing accts up under false names like 5MBossMan and pretending to be said person all with intention of setting up indiviias. TastyJiZZBomb and CaptainJizz and VirgilAnte and whomever and whoever else. Ryan Quist is getting involved in other people's business and making lies up saying that people sell drugs saying that people made people do things and forcing people to breakup in relationships otherwise they can't see their children so blackmailing them and he's a real sexual deviant who is a kink monger and loves daddy daughter kink roleplay. https://pin.it/dalzywazawelbt https://stdcarriers.com/registry/bio/3215-ryan-quist-genitalherpes.aspx http://www.predatorswatch.com/?s=Ryan+Quist&x=0&y=0 http://exposecheatingonline.com/ryan-quist-is-into-incest-daddy-daughter-rojeplay-and-jillian-quist-films-it-and-record-it-and-whores-out-her-daughters-pussy-and-mouth-and-lets-it-go-around-on-the-internet-thats-not-protect/ https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/JillianQuist?src=hashtag_click https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/RyanQuist?src=hashtag_click STD Carriers (@STDDatabase) Tweeted: Ryan Quist, Genital Herpes in Sacramento, California: Ryan Quist has contracted STD genital herpes through Jillian Quist and they were sexually involved for many years and they have… https://t.co/1l43L7t899 #RyanQuist #GenitalHerpes #OutbreakAlert #Sacramento #California https://t.co/Nr5UwqX3jb https://twitter.com/STDDatabase/status/1227607931484401665?s=20 https://stdcarriers.com/registry/bio/3215-ryan-quist-genitalherpes.aspx
posted on Feb 15 2020 10:11:56 PM

Come tweaker boy where are ya at son? Sleepin now after yur binge. We all kno its you tweaker boy Fag*** as* mother fuc***! LOSER as* low life nuthin else better to do than fuk with people. Getta a life and a clue- JILL IS DONE WITH YUR PATHETIC AS*! GOT IT! GOOD!! https://www.reddit.com/r/cheatingwhores/comments/f4ga9f/cheater_reportcom_reports_that_ryan_quist_and/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://www.reddit.com/r/cheatingwhores/comments/f4gx7g/cheating_whore_jillian_quist_and_ryan_quist_are/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://i.redd.it/ejtk82doq1h41.png
posted on Feb 18 2020 05:17:38 AM

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