Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy aka Vanna Sweets the name Jillian uses when Jill solicits her Pussy for PROSTITUTION! | **BROADCAST EMERGENCY** ON THE MOVE BUT #ZOOPHILIAPOLICE ARE HOT ON THE TRAIL #JillianLeAnnQuistJones LOVES to KINK INCEST ROLE PLAY her daughter's #MakennaQuist and #AllisonQuist & to sell her #SlurpyDogPussy as a #Prostitute in #Sacramento #ROSE | Snitch

Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy aka Vanna Sweets the name Jillian uses when Jill solicits her Pussy for PROSTITUTION!

Snitch Subject: **BROADCAST EMERGENCY** ON THE MOVE BUT #ZOOPHILIAPOLICE ARE HOT ON THE TRAIL #JillianLeAnnQuistJones LOVES to KINK INCEST ROLE PLAY her daughter's #MakennaQuist and #AllisonQuist & to sell her #SlurpyDogPussy as a #Prostitute in #Sacramento #ROSE

The BIG MOVE BECUZ JILLIAN LEANN QUIST JONES WAS FU***** THE NEIGHBORS 2 DOGS ON SHARP CIR AND Roseville Greens HOA Board and Committee Members had minutes of the matter at the committee hearing and on a vote of 7-0 in favor of Jillian being terminated from her lease and having to move within 90 days because of Acts of Bestiality against the neighbors 2 dogs and the egregious nature of such Acts towards the dogs and the repetitive and continued Acts of Sex even after being told and being warmed such further Acts would result in most likely an Early Lease Termination clause being invoked. The ABSOLUTE NUTS PART IS NOW JILLIAN IS AT 1079 SUNRISE AVE APT B119 AND surprise surprise guess what is taking fu***** place!! YES YES YES!!! OF COURSE!! BESTIALITY ALL OVER!! THIS SH** WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL SHE FUC** WITH THE WRONG DOG MASTER AND THEN YOU KNOW WHAT!! IT'S A FU***** WRAP KID!! GAME OVER! I WISH YOU WOULD NICC! A real serious type gonna bust that As* when you fuc*** with dudes Dog!! STOP FU***** WITH THE DOGS JILLIAN!! LEAVE THE DOGS ALONE JILL!! And Jillian is still being a prostitute using the name Vanna Sweets as well unbelievable when is this woman going to get the clue you can't keep moving from one place to another changing your phone numbers, switching jobs all because you like dog di** and you like to kink roleplay incest your daughter's out!! Fu** Jill!! 916-893-9164 916-910-5115 916-822-9665
Category: Crime Added: 2020-12-06 20:06:57 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: CA City: Roseville

All sniitches about Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy aka Vanna Sweets the name Jillian uses when Jill solicits her Pussy for PROSTITUTION!

**BROADCAST EMERGENCY** ON THE MOVE BUT #ZOOPHILIAPOLICE ARE HOT ON THE TRAIL #JillianLeAnnQuistJones LOVES to KINK INCEST ROLE PLAY her daughter's #MakennaQuist and #AllisonQuist & to sell her #SlurpyDogPussy as a #Prostitute in #Sacramento #ROSE


This is the same woman that was at 281 Sharp Circle #4 in Roseville and now she is just across town at 1079 Sunrise Ave Apt # B119 Roseville CA. Switched phone numbers from 916-893-9164 and 916-910-5115 to Phone nunbers 805-741-6758 and 916-705-1643 So Jillian keeps moving locations switching phone numbers but still fu***** dogs so she thinks things are going to change? Getting someone's address and phone numbers is easy what is she going to do change phone numbers and addresses forever? Well she fuc** with the real serious type person somebody that's willing to basically take it the distance never give up heads will roll and NorCal dumpster fire 100%. Unless this is acknowledged because PUNKING is not allowed and the punishment IS MAKENNA and Allison will feel this RATH OF FUCKERY FOREVER SO IF YOU CARE FOR THOSE GIRLS THEN YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO OTHERWISE FU** IT. IT Was told to me to handle this so it will be handled PERIOD. HOMEBOY IS DONE AND GONE AND TASTYJIZZBOMB STINKS IS STINKIN IT ALL UP WITH HUMILIATION AND PUFFERY. SO WE SHALL SEE. STINKS KEEPS IT ROLLIN WITH HIS BRIEF APPEARANCES TIME TO TIME TO KEEP THE POT STIRRED! KEEP IT UP RYAN QUIST YOU REAL WORTHLESS BITCHDICK BITCHBOY WHO LIKES TO BE TOLD HE HAS A SMALL TINY WORTHLESS BITCHDICK ETC ETC ETC AND TO HAVE HIS WIFE JILLIAN FU** DOGS! FU***** WEIRDO!! AND JULIAN IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET TALKING ABOUT HOW RYAN LIKES TO BE TOLD HE HAS A BIT** DI** HE'S WORTHLESS SHE GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND TELLS THE WHOLE WORLD SO YOU CAN FIND OUT ALL OVER THE INTERNET THAT'S EASY. TWITTER @CUCKOLDSTINKS
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#JillianLeAnn QuistJones is on the MOVE!! Kink porn videos doing role play with #MakennaQuist & #AllisonQuist as Jillian aka #VannaSweets has new phone numbers & new address after having to move from 281 Sharp Circle becuz Jillian got caught for fu***** the neighbors dogs!! **BROADCAST EMERGENCY** #ZOOPHILIAPOLICE HOT ON THE TRAIL #JillianLeAnnQuistJones LOVES to KINK INCEST ROLE PLAY her daughter's #MakennaQuist & #AllisonQuist 805- 741-6758 916-705-1643 1079 Sunrise Ave Apt B119 Roseville CA So new kink number and new kink address as well as new bestiality number and bestiality address. #JillianLeAnnQuistJones New #KinkNumber # KinkAddress 805-741-6758 916-705-1643 1079 Sunrise Ave Apt B119 Roseville CA Jillian does all her #Bestiality and Kink Incest Role Play Porn Videos of #MakennaQuist & #AllisonQuist w/ NEW PHONE NUMBERS & NEW ADDRESS!! JILLIANS A PROFESSIONAL KINKSTER! & PROFESSIONAL PROSTITUTE USING THE NAME #VANNASWEETS https://zootube1.com/videos/man-and-dog-xnxx.html https://zootube1.com/videos/dog-and-mature-xxx.html https://zootube1.com/search/?q=SlurpyDogPussy+ https://zootube1.com/videos/jillian-quist-now-jillian-jones-loves-being-knotty.html https://youtu.be/loTU4SyDp8w https://youtu.be/WI0wiXFufdw https://youtu.be/utxK2U3EMoA https://youtu.be/eqSgL7h3iFo https://youtu.be/ZO-h5mTGouY She apparently is very popular online and I don’t understand it but she is a hit for sure!! I hope her new phone numbers and new kink address work out for Jillian but who knows but she better not fu** the neighbors dog over her at 1079 Sunrise Ave Apartment # B119 Roseville CA because she will have to move again for doing the same thing she did over at 281 Sharp Circle Unit #4 Roseville CA.
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***BROADCAST ALERT*** New kink address and email address and phone numbers for her bestiality friends who get together and violate and sexually abuse dogs and other animals of their liking for sexual gratification!! 916-705-1643 is the new bestiality HOTLINE NUMBER IF YOU WILL AND THE NEW KINK INCEST HYMEN REMOVALIST HOTLINE EMAIL FOR ARRANGING THEIR CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING IS JILLIANJNS@iCloud.com *** PLEASE. MAKE NOTE OF THIS!! THIS. 7605 KILARNEY LANE Unit #250 CITRUS HEIGHTS CA. #JillianLeAnnQuistJones was convicted of Bestility last year 2019 for FU***** DOGS WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT. Jillian has SEXUALLY ASSAULTED 500+ Dogs and had Sexual Intercourse with Zoophile K9 Dog. 1000+ DOGS HAVE BEEN ORALLY COPULATED BY MAKENNA QUIST & ALLISON QUIST #SlurpyDogPussy another Jillian. Jillian also is a PROSTITUTE IN SACRAMENTO & ROSEVILLE AREA GOING BY THE NAME OF #VannaSweets. https://zootube1.com/videos/man-and-dog-xnxx.html https://zootube1.com/videos/dog-and-mature-xxx.html https://zootube1.com/search/?q=SlurpyDogPussy+ https://zootube1.com/videos/jillian-quist-now-jillian-jones-loves-being-knotty.html She apparently is very popular online and I don’t understand it but she is a hit for sure!! I guess she had to move residences recently because she got caught fu***** the neighbors dog and dog then the management company found out she was Prostituting under the name Vanna Sweets in Sacramento. #JillianLeAnnQuistJones CONFIRMED HAS FUC*** 500+ DOGS!! ** #1 DogDick Violator in American US History! CONFIRMED BY Robert Shandow @ Liberty Partners of American History Society Preservation. Mr. Roberts estimates Jillian to have had SEXUAL INTERCOURSE W/ 640 diff. Dogs & to have Orally Copulated to Seminal Ejaculation 1135 Different Zoophile K9 Dogs. This Spans an Almost 2 decade rein of Terror on Zoophile K9 Dogs Liberties & Freedoms spanning 16 States & 726 diff. Municipalities & Counties. Beau Thomas Parsons Mom #Jillian FUC** DOGS #VannaSweets which is the name that PROSTITUTE #JillianLeAnnQuistJones USES TO SOLICIT HER #SLURPYDOGPUSSY & THE #NEWBESTIALITYnumber #newKINKPHONENUMBER & #newKinkEMAILADDRESS & ADDRESS TO CONTINUE ALONG W/ SEXUALLY ASSAULTING DOGS & KINKING OUT #MAKENNAQUIST & #ALLISONQUIST AS WELL AS #RYANQUIST #THEgreatHYMENremovalist & #AylinBayramoglu 916-705-1643 jillianjns@icloud.com 7605 Kilarney Lane #250 citrus heights ca 95610 Beau Thomas Parsons Mother Jillian LeAnn Quiet Jones FUC** DOGS & WAS CONVICTED OF BESTIALITY IN 2019. JILLIAN EVEN FUC*** WITH DOGS WHILE PREGNANT WITH BABY BEAU!! JILLIAN HAS A NEW BESTIALITY AND KINK PH # 916-705-1643 & EMAIL jillianjns@icloud.com. Jillian kinks out Makenna Quiet & Allison Quist in kink incest role play porn videos all over the internet.
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This is ALL stuff you read about Jillian and Ryan. It's being taken care of and these people are creeps. I mean just Google Jillian and watch the videos her voice her videos and the things that she says the proof is in the pudding there you go it's fairly simple and it's repeatedly for a long time and it's apparent she's a real weird person and a real sexual deviant and a violator of dogs children and animals and human beings old young and she will violate all and any... Attention. Check all references and know your #Counselor or #Therapist as this lady was found to use her licensed position to attract potential victims and their dogs thru meeting with addicts and partaking in drugs and engaging in acts of #bestiality as she was Convicted of Bestiality in 2019 in #Sacramento CA for having sexual relations with dogs while she was #PREGNANT.Beware of this lady. #JillianLeAnnQuistJones an #AddictionCounselor at #StrategiesForChange 4441 Auburn Blvd Ste. E 95841 Sacramento, CA, 916-473-5764 916-705-1643 Jillianjns@icloud.com #NPI1598305518 Be very careful with this Lady Jillian Jones aka Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka Vanna Sweets. CONVICTED of Bestiality on 2019 for engaging in acts of a Sexual nature with DOGS WHILE PREGNANT AND also guilty of KINKING out MAKENNA & ALLISON QUIST ALL OVER PORN VIDEOS ONLINE IN KINK ROLEPLAY. Sacramento CA Prostitute Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka Vanna Sweets KINKED OUT HER ENTIRE FAMILY & CHEATED WITH DOGS! CONVICTED if Bestiality on 2019 for FU***** DOGS WHILE PREGNANT AND IM SURE HER SON APPRECIATES THAT!! JILLIAN KINKED OUT MAKENNA & ALLISON QUIST ALL OVER PORN VIDEOS ONLINE IN KINK ROLEPLAY & HAD THOSE FU** HOLES DEMOLISHED!! If you are a freak kink violator like Jillian and Ryan then Jillian is your gal and Make sure you set your appt w/ #SlurpyDogPussy #DoggySlut over at #StrategiesForChange in #Sacramento schedule ur #DogDick #AddictionCounselor appt w/ #JillianLeAnnQuistJones 4441 Auburn Blvd Ste. E Sacramento, CA #NPI1598305518 916-705-1643 916-473-5764 jillianjns@icloud.com (916) 550-5444 #StrategiesForChange #AddictionCounselor #JillianLeAnnQuistJones Convicted of #Bestiality in 2019 for fu***** Dogs while pregnant #Sacramento CA Then found out JILLIAN IS ALSO A PROSTITUTE WHO GOES BY NAME VANNA SWEETS & KINKS MAKENNA & ALLISON QUIST OUT IN ROLEPLAY PORN VIDEOS! #RealKinksters know #classicKinks are truly the BEST! I.E #INCEstRolePlay & #KinkGames like #HymenAndSeek #ForeskinAndSeek #RolePlayGoneWild #RolePlayGoneALLBad #KinkOutNames & you have #NoDaughters & #NoKids so it's always better that you #RolePlay fake & non existant peeps in #daddyDaughterRolePlay Unit #4 Bring ALL and ANY and let's have a BLAST AND GET #KINKEDOUT And Everyone have a #SlurpySloppyGoodTime as #MakennaQuist & #AllisonQuist get #KinkedOut in #JillianLeAnnQuistJones #RolePlay Debacle & Morning Twisted Fetish But HEY ITS JUST ROLEPLAY SO RELAX EVERYONE! PLUS JILLIAN HAS #NoDaughters #NoKidsOnly Teal True Blue Kinksters and Real Weird SEXUAL Deviants like Jillian Quist Jones and Ryan Quist types shall attend. Jillian aka Sacramento Prostitute Vanna Sweets taking it HARD AND FAST IN #ALLholes #ALLways #ALLdicks and #ALLday ALL SIX DAYS!! FISTED BEYOND JOINTS OF FLEXIBILITY BOTH HANDS & FEET!! Did over site on Addicts addicted to Sexual Addiction w/concentration in Being Addicted to Taking Dog Di** like yours Truly. After Bestiality Conviction in 2019 down to abt only taking #DogDick 10-15 times per week versus 30-50 times prior to criminal conviction of Fuckjng Dogs while pregnant with Son Beau Thomas Parsons#RyanQuist OWN MOTHER #BrendaChapmanFasalo & wife #JillianLeAnnQuistJones & children #MaCUNTa & #ALLiFUCK call Ryan a #BitchBoyRyan Jeffery Quist OWN Mother CONFIRMS THAT RYAN #STINKS QUIST IS #BITCHBOYbitchdick Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones tells the world abt #TheGreatHymenRemovalist RYAN QUIST BITCHBOY SISSY LOVIN Ways INCLUDING HOW RYAN LOVES TO BE FUC*** IN THE AS*!! That PRETTY FACE TEARS THRU DOGDICK FASTER THAN A HOT KNIFE THRU BUTTER!!!! WATCHOUT AND RUN, HIDE OR DUCK!! JILLIAN IS IN MASSIVEDOGGYHEAT & COMING FOR YOUR DOG!!#Sacramento has the best in the business when it comes to #kinkPorn #HumiliationPorn #DaddyDaughterKinkRolePlay as no City can Compare as Sacramento has #KinkFest2021 #SlurpFest2021 & more coming soon and to a city near you. #StayTuned to #KnottiCalKnotties & #KinkFest2021 OMG!! This lady and man kinkout roleplay Makenna and Allison in RolePlay PORN videos!! Yes deviants of the highest order! Ran into their partner in morally corrupt activities online in REDDIT SacramentoGoneWild and then again on https://escortindex.com/ad/sanjose/916-559-1678/1/1170156 Their partner is Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones out of Sacramento and she fuc*** 4 dogs that my friend owns and 3 more of his buddies. Jillian was convicted of Bestiality in 2019 in Sacramento CA . STAY AWAY AS THE EXPERIENCE MEETING THESE 3;HAS BEEN AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!! THEY USE MULTIPLE PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES. 916-705-1643 916-370-4031 916-893-9164 JILLIANJNS@ICLOUD.COM RYANQUIST@YMAIL.COM JILLIAN WORKS AT BRIDGES INC. IN SACRAMENTO AND KINKS OUT EVERYONE EVERYTHING. Jillian aka Vanna Sweets the Sacramento and Bay Area CA Prostitutes who Rob's men and is HPV+ and has Cervical Herpes!! All of this is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! WATCH OUT!! MaCUNTa is a straight CU** ALLiFUCK LOVES TO STRAIGHT FU** and ALLiSUCK is her little bratty as* sissy who LOVES TO SUCK. #StrategiesForChange #AddictionCounselor #JillianLeAnnQuistJones Convicted of #Bestiality in 2019 for fu***** Dogs while pregnant #Sacramento CA This rehab facility Strategies For Change has a lady working there as an Addiction Therapist who was convicted of Bestiality in 2019 for having Sexual Interactions and Gross Sexual Assault on K9 Dogs while she was pregnant. The therapist name is Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones NPI # 1598305518 The fact is Jillian offended and disrespected my FRIEND and Jillian's Client whom Jillian is a Therapist for by engaging in conversation involving Dogs and Bestiality and letting my friend and Jillian's Client that Jillian is very much into Bestiality and enjoys it and is STILL ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING IN HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH DOGS! My friend is an Addict and reported this to management at Strategies For Change and it's as though they didn't care or didn't believe my friend as she is just looked upon as being a dillusional druggie with no credibility and is just fabricating this elaborate story. THE FACT IS JILLIAN WAS CRIMINALLY CONVICTED IN SACRAMENTO CA ON BESTIALITY CHARGES WHILE PREGNANT NO LESS AND IS STILL ENGAGING IN SEX ACTS WITH DOGS TO THIS VERY DAY ACCORDING TO WHAT JILLIAN TOLD MY FRIEND. IN ADDITION JILLIAN WAS HIGH ON crystal meth while giving therapy to my friend and even went so far as to offer it to my friend and unfortunately my friend did accept and Jillian and her client got high together after their therapy session. Jillian even showed my friend all the websites that have porn videos of her engaging in sex acts with dogs and having group sex and engaging in all sorts of different sexual kink fetish type sexual encounters and even having roleplay daddy daughter fetish sex and using her own daughters Makenna and Allison Quist as the girls engaging in sex with their own father Ryan Quist and role playing Makenna and Allison having sex with their own father in these kink fetish domination daddy daughter type fantasies that Jillian plays out with guys in these porn videos that are online and Jillian is using her own daughters names and just throwing her young daughters names out there and all over porn video websites!! And to top it off Jillian goes by Vanna Sweets and is a Sacramento Escort Prostitute who solicits sex for pay. This lady should not be in a position of offering professional services such as Professional Addiction Therapy when Jillian herself is ADDICTED TO METH HEROIN DOG DI** AND KINK INCEST ROLEPLAY PORN!! SHE IS THE WORST OF THE WORST!! Jillian MUST HAVE HER LICENSE SUSPENDED AND HER NPI # REVOKED!! THIS IS BEING TAKEN AS FAR AS IT NEEDS BE TO GET RESULTS AND ACTION BEING TAKEN AND THE PRESSURE AND MEDIA BLITZ WILL NOT END UNTIL JILLIAN IS REMOVED FROM BEING ABLE TO OFFER PROFESSIONAL THERAPY!! TRUST ME THIS LADY IS NOT FIT TO OFFER PROFESSIONAL SERVICE'S SUCH AS ADDICTION THERAPY!! ITS A BLOODY SHAME!! AND SHAME ON HER AND WHOMEVER EVEN THINKS ABOUT HAVING THIS CREEP OF A LADY REPRESENT AND WORK FOR THEIR COMPANY BUT BE PREPARED FOR THE MEDIA BACK LASH AND the BLITZ KRIEG YOU WILL RECEIVE JUST WATCH!! HELL HAS NO FURY LIKE THIS MOTHER F'er SCORN!! AND IF ALL THAT WASN'T ENOUGH THERE'S EVEN A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF HER CALLING SOMEBODY THE "N" WORS!! THE INFAMOUS N -WORD!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT SHE'S ALSO A RACIST BIGOT!!
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Strategies For Change has an addiction counselor that works for them that goes by the name Jillian Leann Quist Jones and she's addicted to kink porn throwing out names of Makenna Quist and Allison Quist! Biggest kink Monger along with Ryan Jeffrey Quist TheGrEaTHyMeNRemovaLisT! Both LOVE XVIDEOS.COM & ARE GO TO MUST SEE IF u LOVE KINK! BEST WAY TO SEE Jillian is to set up an Appt w/ Strategies For Change in Sacramento & go see her & she will tell u all abt her SlurpyDogPussy ways!! Worth it!!lJILLIAN JONES NPI 1598305518 Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones an Addiction Counselor at Strategies For Change 4441 Auburn Blvd Ste. E 95841 Sacramento, CA, 916-473-5764 916-705-1643 Jillianjns@icloud.com NPI 1598305518 Jillian was also convicted of bestiality in 2019 in Sacramento California for engaging in sexual acts with dogs while she was pregnant she still serving a 5-year stay away no contact order on all K9 dogs along with her other stipulations that were part of the plea bargain that her attorney so graciously were able to get her considering Jillian the SlurpyDogPussy SlurpyDawgPussy was looking at 10 years in State penitentiary for the absurdly amount of dogs that she had sexually violated as the judge had said as well as the district attorney that they hadn't seen that many dogs violated ever in the history of mankind by one person!!
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It's Ryan Quist or Aylin Bayramoglu or hell it could be Brenda Chapman Fasolo but for sure it's a little bit of all 3 of them and possibly Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones as she is more than likely trying to market her Doggy Porn and her KinkOutNamesOut of Makenna Quist and Allison Quist even if she doesn't even really have daughters. At this point who knows who cares but Ryan Quist is stepping up his marketing game and posting and creating new and adventursome ways to market himself and keep the content fresh and as sexually deviant as ever! But surely it's 90% Ryan Jeffrey Quist aka TinyTinyWorthLESSone or TheGrEaTHyMeNRemovaLisT as he loves stirring the pot and making sure Makenna and Allison Quist are in the news and on the radar of what's going on today and staying with today as Jillian and Ryan are doin an excellent job with the marketing of this whole fiasco of SlurpyDogPussy and TheGrEaTHyMeNRemovaLisT and the daddy daughter incest name kink out of Makenna and Allison Quist. We are finding more videos of Ryan Quist and Jillian telling the whole word how Ryan likes to be told he has a bit** di** and how Ryan wants Jillian to fu** his friends and all sorts of weird sexually deviant things. He is a weird dude that Ryan Quist is but a genius as he post 90% of all SlurpyDogPussy content and is creator and replays and creates a big fan base but it's really all 1;person and Jillian too to market their Porn Videos and get the revenue streams from all the porn sites. https://www.reddit.com/r/Predatorcatchers/comments/gwh1ao/need_help_catching_this_creep_ryan_quist/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb https://www.reddit.com/r/Predatorcatchers/comments/f2r28m/can_you_catch_this_dude_ryan_quist_he_also_goes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb https://www.reddit.com/r/sexmemes/comments/f75p45/ryan_quist_the_sex_memes_king_himself_has_a_new/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb https://www.reddit.com/r/Predatorcatchers/comments/gs24mb/has_anyone_made_contact_or_found_out_any_info_on/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb https://www.reddit.com/r/SexOffendersMale/comments/f2qt1t/ryan_quist_is_also_an_active_convicted_sexual/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://youtu.be/-JrSzAdl6qs https://youtu.be/eqSgL7h3iFo https://youtu.be/hhck3crOqBk https://youtu.be/8ZI3yttNAps https://youtube.com/shorts/gQGhwYQLIW0?feature=share Oh my just Google Ryan Jeffrey Quist or Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones or TheGrEaTHyMeNRemovaLisT or SLurPYDoGPuSSY and read all the ingenius marketing strategies he employs and its quite remarkable but the things is it's all at the cost of putting the names of Makenna Quist and Allison Quist out in porn videos with Daddy Ryan Jeffrey Quist doing his thing in roleplay porn videos with Jillian and of course that's even if Makenna and Allison Quist even exist and to that no one has any idea and therein lies the genius of it all!! AND WHAT TYPE OF GUY LIKES TO BE TOLD HE HAS A SMALL WORTHLESS DI** AND WANTS HIS WIFE TO FU** ALL HIS FRIENDS AND TO FU** DOGS AND BE TOLD HE HAS A BIT** DI** ANYWAYS!!! WHAT KINDA FU***** SEXUAL DEVIANT FREAK WEIRDO MUST ONE BE. HOLY FU***** CRAP!! CAN YOU SAY WEIRDO!!
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JILLIAN JONES NPI 1598305518 aka SlurpyDogPussy aka Vanna Sweets aka Makenna and Allison Quist Mother aka K9KATCHERNSAC aka KNOTTYRUFFTIMES AKA KnotticalKnotties aka Vanna Sweets the Sacramento Prostitute. This Addiction Counselor Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones used to be employed with Bridges Inc. on Power Inn Rd in Sacramento CA but now Jillian is at Strategies For Change aka WellSpace Health at 4441 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento CA This woman was my therapist and she threw out ithe idea of getting high and was really interested in my 2 Great Dane Dogs and that was very odd and disconcerting! I’d been seeing her as my therapist for 2 months at the time which was 3 weeks ago now and I was weirded out and got a funny feeling and I looked into her background and found out Jillian Quist Jones was convicted of bestiality in 2019 in Sacramento CA. Jillian is also a prostitute using the name Vanna Sweets and does porn videos online. Google SLURPYDOGPUSSY AND YOU WILL FIND IT ALL!! IM SHOCKED AND APPALLED THAT THIS WOMAN WAS ABLE TO OBTAIN HER THERAPIST CREDENTIALS AND BE AN ADDICTION THERAPIST WHILE ACTUALLY HERSELF BEING ADDICTED TO HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS AND FROM ONLINE READINGS AND ACTUAL VIDEOS IT APPEARS JILLIAN OR SLURPYDOGPUSSY IS STILL PARTAKING IN SEXUAL ACTIVITIES WITH DOGS AND SMOKING CRYSTAL METH AND IS ADDICTED TO DOING PORN WITH THE EXTENSIVE LIBRARY OF HER PORN VIDEOS OF HER DOING DADDY DAUGHTER ROLE PLAY AND I WAS ABLE TO FIND BESTIALITY VIDEOS OF MISS QUIST JONES ONLINE AS WELL. Look into this woman as I’ve turned her into the State Board For Counselors and by poking around online I’ve seen she’s offended quite a few of her clients and proposition them and I’m not sure how she maintains her credentials but this is a travesty and not right at all and it looks like from online readings that she’s actually got high with several addiction clients of hers and got them out of their sobriety so be careful with this therapist Jillian in Sacramento because I sure know she didn’t have good plans for me when she started inquiring about my dogs and showing an interest in them. Substance Use Disorder Complaints If you wish to file a complaint about a licensed, certified AOD drug service provider OR a certified counselor you can do so via mail, fax, or by using the online Complaint Form. You may contact the Complaints Section via email at SUDcomplaints@dhcs.ca.gov. Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones Counselor Strategies For Change aka WellSpace Health 916-550-5444 916-473-5764 NPI 15983055184441 Auburn Blvd Ste. E Sacramento, CA, 95841 Sacramento Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy Is a TOP NOTCH ESCORT PROSTITUTE going by the name Vanna Sweets AND IS NOW RECOGNIZED AS TOP KINKSTER And a huge following amongst iFunnyFanatics Fan Club and highly thought of amongst the real serious type Kinksters. WellSpace Health or known as Strategies For Change hired this bestialityMonger and violator of epic proportions as Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones kinks out the names Makenna Quist and Allison Quist name in role play daddy daughter kink porn with daddy Ryan Jeffrey Quist doing the deed and being TheGrEaTHyMeNRemovaLisT and Jillian aka SlurpyDogPussy aka Vanna Sweets the name Jillian uses to be known as when she is the known SacraMenTo Prostitute. Jillian was also convicted of bestiality in 2019 Sacramento CA for having sex with dogs while pregnant! JUST GOOGLE ” SLURPYDOGPUSSY ” AND YOU WILL SEE IT ALL!! ITS ALL OVER THE WEB AND YOU CAN SEE DOGGY SEX PORN VIDEOS REGULAR PORN DADDY DAUGHTER INCEST ROLEPLAY YOU CAN SEE JILLIAN VIOLATING THE OLD THE YOUNG EVERYONE IN BETWEEN REQUESTING FOR DOG SEX ON CRAIGSLIST YOU HAVE IT ALL IT’S ONLINE. https://youtube.com/shorts/gQGhwYQLIW0?feature=share https://youtu.be/y4tJa51gTyk https://www.bestialitysextaboo.net/6651/slurpydogpussy-jillian-leann-quist-jones/ https://escortindex.com/ad/sacramento/916-599-7/1/1870102 https://www.sugardaddyforme.com/sugar-babies/ca/citrus-heights/vannasweet https://xfantasy.su/search/slurpydogpussy/ http://www.predatorswatch.com/california/jillian-leann-quist-jones-aka-slurpydogpussy-this-addiction-counselor-jillian-leann-quist-jones-used-to-be-employed-with-bridges-inc-on-power-inn-rd-in-sacramento-ca-but-now-jillian-is-at-strategies/ JUST GOOGLE “. SLURPYDOGPUSSY ” !!! https://zootube1.com/search/?q=Makenna+Quist https://zootube1.com/search/?q=Jillian+LeAnn+Quist+Jones https://youtu.be/cjbe9i5xgu0 https://youtube.com/shorts/v4Ne2tPPD-Y?feature=share
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